Dad’s 74th

Everything was unplanned, though my mind toyed a bit with the idea of going to Baguio before school starts.

So when dad arrived in Manila from a month-long vacation at my sis Flying Rav’s home in Hong Kong, and wanted to go home to Baguio in time for his 74th birthday, I said I’d go with him. It was a long 7-hour bus ride. Good thing I decided not to bring along any of my kids. (I missed them so badly though, I called them 4, 5 times a day… Shh, don’t tell hub!)

When we got home, my sisters had prepared a simple surprise dinner for dad.

The “47” on the cake is a joke, of course! Dad’s shirt is my kids’ birthday gift to him.

Dear Dad,

It has been rough, and we do not always see eye to eye. But I am thankful you’re my Dad.

In your own unique ways, you are thoughtful, caring, loving.

Happy Birthday, and Happy Father’s Day too!

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