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About a month ago, during one of my family’s Binondo expeditions, I was lured (hindi ko po sinasadyang pumasok doon, promise) into a shop that sells crystals and semi precious stones. It was one of those unplanned, impulse buys – this citrine bracelet that I now wear every day.

What convinced me to buy the bracelet? The magic words: prosperity! I could use some. 😀

citrine bracelet cleansing | crystals and semi precious stones
The bracelet was cleansed in the Singing Bowl before I wore it.

Citrine, the stone of prosperity, is said to attract luck, wealth, abundance and success. (Hmmm, those are all synonyms of each other.)

It’s also believed to help energize and invigorate the physical body. Most of all, it repels negativity and dispels anger. Ahh, the perfect stone for me.

Maybe these benefits are true; maybe not. But it seems to be working for me. For one, my temper is unusually tame. Not an intrinsic familial trait, I tell you. Hehe.

It may be the crystals and semi precious stones.


Or it could be my mind. I believe in the power of the mind. Our thoughts control our actions. We become what we think we are. It may sound kinda hyper to some.

Two years ago, a friend gave me an e-book copy of Rhonda Byrne’s best-sellerThe Secret. After reading it, I became convinced of the power of the mind. The book’s gist was the Law of Attraction – we attract what we think. The Law of Attraction, according to the book, is a natural law that exists and controls all events. The book says the Law of Attraction simply gives back to us what we want, whether consciously or not.

We attract what we think about most.

So, it may not necessarily be because of the stone. And it’s not wise naman to put all hopes and faith in this bracelet. I’m guessing it’s mind conditioning – yes, power of the mind.

Whether it’s the citrine bracelet or the mind or pure coincidence, the message for me is this: positivity is good.

Positivity breeds good thoughts.

Good thoughts make you feel good.

Feeling good makes you look good.

Looking good makes you happy.

Being happy infects others.

Others become positive.

And so the cycle goes on.

Positivity rocks!

11 thoughts on “Crystals and semi precious stones | Positivity rocks

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  2. I believe in positivity too! I wear crystals too but I don’t depend on its healing/luck properties, kung effective mas maganda =)

  3. Hi cess! Feeling ko nga now, in retrospect, parang naloko ako. haha. Itong bracelet ko maputla, parang kumbaga pwet ng baso. hahahha. Tapos I checked today at the mall, mas mura 🙁 Anyway, so proof lang na it’s the mind!

  4. Hello there 🙂

    I do believe in Law of Attraction as well. I subscribe at Abraham Hick’s daily quotes and it never fails to amaze me 🙂

  5. i’m enjoying reading your iMom blog and your posts at the FMB site. hello from los angeles, ca! i’m filipina, too, and curious about what other young filipina mamas are thinking and doing as they juggle careers and raise a family. anyway… i had to comment on “Positivity rocks” entry. i started wearing a feng shui energy crystal last november as a lucky charm to help me get pregnant. i had been having health issues for the past couple of years on top of being of “advanced maternal age” (i’m 38 now). so i assumed that it would be difficult for me to get pregnant. believe me, i had ZERO expectations about what the crystal would do for me. i just told the saleswoman that my husband and i wanted to start TRYING to have a baby in 2010. well… she must’ve given me a pretty strong crystal because as luck would have it, i got pregnant the first night i wore that orange crystal!… who knows? it might have been a coincidence. all i can say is that i’m a new mommy of a very healthy and happy 2-month-old baby boy and i feel very blessed! hooray for positivity!

  6. Hi Ardith! Thank you for stopping by. Wow, congrats to you and your hubby for the new baby! And hooray for the crystal bracelet. 🙂

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