Coping with skin asthma (Atopic Dermatis)

It’s not easy for my son and my family to cope with his skin asthma.
coping with skin asthma

Nate is in the midst of what could be his worst and longest skin asthma flare-up yet. And it is breaking our hearts to see him itching, oozing, struggling, wanting to do so many things in school, but not being able to do so. Even simply joining P.E. class is hard for him because sweating makes him itch. And sweat on his broken skin  – very very painful. 🙁

Sometimes, I think I’d put a sandwich sign around my son’s neck. It will read:

I have skin asthma.

No, not contagious.

Yes, very itchy. And painful.

Yes, I have meds. Lotions too.

And creams. And ointments.

And salts in my bath.

Nope – chips, candies, chocolate and Coke not allowed.

Yes, a little compassion please.

He’s been getting really bad flareups lately. And things get very frustrating at times. Today, he is absent in school again because the skin on his neck is oozing, and just turning his head is painful.

I really did not need to see the horrified look on that mommy’s face in school when she saw his neck yesterday. Pfffft. Or hear from Nate that some classmates think he looks like a zombie. (That’s rude, kids. But, oh well…)

Now putting creams on his neck – that’s another story. No matter how gentle and hypoallergenic it is, the cream is bound to elicit some screaming and kicking. Today he discovered a trick, though.

“I should be a man! I should be a man! I should be a man!” he thinks out loud while fighting back tears.

It’s heart-breaking. And I am really, really hoping that he outgrows his skin asthma.

Hmmm…. I am beginning to like the idea of a sandwich sign.

Or maybe a T-shirt. Yes, that’s a better idea. 😉

I’m sorry.I just needed to let this out.

10 thoughts on “Coping with skin asthma (Atopic Dermatis)

  1. Chats!! I feel for Nate!!
    I wish there’s a cream talaga that can treat this!!

    i super hate the judgemental stares na parang hindi natin inaalagaan ang mga anak natin..

    I like the idea of the shirt!!! kUNG PWEDE LANG!!!

    Hug nate for me!!
    Here’s a virtual hug Chats *hugs* from me.
    You’re doing a good job. Remember that!!!

    Love, Didi

  2. Aveeno has this uber amazing product that’s (unfortunately) not commercially available here in the Philippines. It’s the Eczema Therapy lotion. I swear it works like magic! I had eczema until this just poof-ed it away. And believe you me, I went to dermatologists, and tried multiple brands of ointments and creams before I found it by accident and tried it. It was the only thing that worked. I seriously believe this will also work on your son. Try to research a little bit online and see other people’s reviews. It’s a miracle!

  3. Hi Min – thanks for sharing that bit. I will try to check at SnR if they have Aveeno Eczema Therapy. Glad your eczema has resolved! Nate’s is till in the process of resolving. Majority of the rashes have gone away, but there are still those hardy stubborn lesions. Crossing fingers. Thanks for the visit!

  4. Aww, that must itch real bad. My eight year old (and I) are having flare ups din. We live here in Baguio and the weather is terrible for skin asthma.

  5. Hi, I came to your blog via Toni’s Wifely Steps blog. Not sure if you’ve heard of Salcura DermaSpray, it’s a UK brand for most skin problems, like eczema, psoriasis, etc. I used this when I had a bout with skin allergy causing my skin to flake and itch. It’s a spray, so less painful kasi no hand contact. Smells a bit funky (parang lemongrass), but I got used to it.
    I’m not sure if it’s available in the Philippines (maybe Watson’s). Here is some info:

    ps. I’m not a representative of the brand ha, I just really found the product effective and hopefully can help your kid 🙂

  6. Hi Ays! Thanks for stopping by.. I haven’t heard of Salcura Spray, but I will definitely keep it in mind and ask some folks in UK to buy for my son. We’ve been trying a lot of products recently, including Avene thermal water spray. Glad to hear your skin allergy has resolved. Thanks again – I appreciate your sharing your experience. 🙂

  7. Hi, i found you via wifely steps 🙂 my son also has skin asthma,and i have yet to find all the triggers, but i know for certain that sugar and processed food induce flareups. Lately i’ve been using ilog maria soap and face oil and they seem to work. I usually use virgin cocnut oil too. When he gets a really bad case of eczema we spend a few days at the beach. Works everytime! Also the perfect excuse to hie off to the seashore 🙂 i hope your Nate outgrows his eczema!

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