Christmas in Baguio, Part 2

Christmas Eve

This is the most fuss-free Christmas Eve I’ve celebrated ever. And my sisters Shiraz and Emac agree. Why so? We’re so used having dad supervise (read: nag) us every year. This year, dad and mama decided to visit the Queen in London and spend the holidays (read: brave the winter) there! So my sisters and I only began cooking for Noche Buena past 6pm. We reeaally took our time, dad! But we missed you! 😀

My version of mama’s Christmas ham was better this year. I forgot to buy cloves though, so it was just pineapples on top. teehee… I vow to perfect my ham so I shall try again next year. Shiraz’ Waldorf Salad was yummy yet light, and the Carbonara we cooked together was great. That’s it??? Yep, dad, that was it.

Everyone had a grand time opening the gifts after Noche Buena. Especially the kids! This year, Patchy got her wish, her first real watch – a Timex Marathon watch. Emac could not wait to see my reaction when I opened her present for me and hubby – a bathroom scale! LOL. Hubby and I were jolted out of fantasy. Wow, to know our actual weights were like heavy Pacman blows! We need to lose weight.

It was a lovely Christmas Eve. The Magnate’s first, and in the company of my precious family. I couldn’t ask for more. I felt truly blessed.

Roasting Marshmallows on the Bonfire :: the eve of December 25th

3 thoughts on “Christmas in Baguio, Part 2

  1. Your homemade ham looks perfect.

    Roasting marshmallows on Christmas eve … now that’s really cool!


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