Christmas in Baguio, Part 1

As promised, I’m posting our Baguio photos.
My family left Manila at 10pm on the 23rd. Our car was so packed the neighbors must have thought we were going away for good!

I caught hubby nearly dozing off while driving so we stopped by Starbucks at Plaza Luisita. The girls enjoyed sharing a tall White Choco Frap.

I had to keep hubby awake the whole time he was driving by chattering endlessly (I, of course, graciously obliged, as this is one of the rare times he welcomed my chatter! LOL).

We arrived in Baguio at nearly 3am on the 24th. The Magnate was fast asleep while the girls were too excited to go to bed.

After catching a few hours of snooze, the whole family went to Camp John Hay for lunch and horseback-riding.

I always look forward to revisiting the Camp because of the many beautiful memories I have here. Traffic, though, was never part of those. This is what met us upon entering through the South Drive gate. The building on the foreground used to be the 19th Tee, where hubby and I used to have lunches. Now it’s a building that I’ll probably never enter because it’s probably a members-only place. John Hay used to be an American military base, and was turned over to the Philippine government in 1991.

We went to the Filling Station for lunch. But the place was rather crowded so we decided to order take-away and have lunch at the picnic grounds.
The Filling Station houses several fastfood establishments. It used to be a real filling station, for gas that is! Back in my high school days, there was a candy vending machine here. One time, my classmate M‘s 1-dollar bill got stuck in the machine. We decided to tear the un-stuck half and thought we’d come back the next day to claim the other half. of course we learned that though torn and taped Philippine pesos are acceptable tender, torn and taped USDs are not! LOL

We had lunch at the picnic grounds, which used to be camping grounds for scouts. Back in high school, we camped here every year in October. I remember: playing games around a bonfire; chilly nights when my classmates and I stuck our heads out the tent to gaze at the starry sky (we were not allowed to leave our tents at lights-out); waking up in the morning to the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread from the John Hay bakeshop; digging holes for latrines at the slopes just beyond our camping grounds (“eeeew!!” say my girls after I answered their queries on what latrines were!); waiting in long lines at the common bathrooms to take 1-minute baths… My high school life’s the best, I tell my girls!

The girls went horseback-riding at the riding trail with hubby, my BIL and my niece. Hubby and the girls love to ride horses. I don’t like it that much, as I’m afraid of falling off and have what happened to Superman happen to me! Yikes. The girls, however, are fearless as ever. And they returned to me with stories of how Patchy made her horse gallop and run! OMG…

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Baguio, Part 1

  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing those great photos. It’s been years since I’ve last visited Baguio. I have great memories of that place too. Hope I can bring my son there one day and have a nice vacation.


  2. Hi Rach. Yes, we had a great time. I hope you’d be able to go visit Baguio soon with your family. It’s great to go during the lean season when it’s not very crowded. Let me know when you go and I might just be able to help you. 🙂

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