Christmas Holiday Getaways – Plan Early!

October has rolled in.

And I’m thinking I haven’t started on any Christmas shopping yet! Every year, as I do my panic-stricken last-minute shopping, I always swear – “Next year, I will start early.” Oh, well… maybe next year.

And then there’s the Christmas holiday to plan. Every year, my family celebrates Christmas in Baguio City with my parents and sisters. A few months ago, my sisters and I were talking about going someplace else – a Christmas getaway for the whole clan.  Sis # 3 suggested Boracay, but that would entail too much logistics (yeah, we’re a huge family) and money of course. And we are probably too late to plan something as elaborate as that…

I’m thinking, maybe Pagudpud. It’s up North anyway, just a few hours’ drive from Baguio. The pristine beaches, the windmills, the quaint lighthouses… The laidback attitude, the simplicity, the provinciality. Pagudpud sounds like my kind of getaway! (Hover over the links and images will pop out. Then you’ll know what i mean.)

Sisters, anyone of you reading this? Game? Let’s start planning if we want a break from our usual Christmas celebration. Email, email… 🙂


For those in the U.S. who are planning for the holidays, why not consider Branson, Missouri? Branson, known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, is home to the famous theme park, Silver Dollar City. Aside from thrilling rides and shows, the park features 19th century Americana craftsmen that are sure to take visitors back in time.

There are lots to do in Branson. Enjoy the scenic outdoors at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, or go spelunking in one of the several caves.  There’s something for everyone –  the golf enthusiast, the kids and kids-at-heart, the shopaholic, the arts and culture buff.

Check out the holiday packages at Branson.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Holiday Getaways – Plan Early!

  1. ay ako, i am an example of planning christmas early. past christmases, i make plans (and accomplish them little by little) as early as july. mas over kami ng family ko ngayon, march pa lang naghahanda na 😉

  2. Hi sis, ako nga before, August pa lang nag shop na, naku up to the last minute of Dec 24, me nakalimutan pa rin, so I have to go back to the mall…Ngayon naman very busy, baka pakonti-konti na muna pag nadaan sa mall.

  3. Much as we want to go away for the Christmas break, we can’t because we don’t have anyone to mind the house. A downside to not having a helper at home.

  4. Hi Chat!

    The Baguio Export Processing Zone is where I used to get a lot of my last minute gifts with their Christmas season tiangge, although in recent years more divi-like stalls from Manila have been joining. The M & M stuff is a hit with the young ‘uns.

    As for Pagudpud, my advice is to make reservations EARLY (like now na!). It is quite popular for any holiday season and during the summer.


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