Christmas decor ideas | It’s the most wonderful time

Sure, I like Christmas. But this year, I think the Christmas spirit possessed me. Actually, I found lots of inspiration from my job at Balsam Brands. My mind is flooded with Christmas decor ideas.

And so I decided to decorate a little bit more than usual. First things first – our 13-year-old tree looked so tired so I decided to retire it and got an 8-foot replacement.

Yep, our home has never been so Christmassy. Here are some Christmas decor ideas.

christmas decor ideas wreath with flowers gold bowDaughter Patch revamped the old wreath – she took out everything and glued red paper roses (from Dapitan Christmas Market) instead. She finished off with a nice golden sinamay bow.

christmas decor ideas stuffed santas and snowmanStuffed Santas and Snowman from a bazaar at my sister’s village.

christmas decor ideas christmas village

Nate insisted on adding his touch to our tiny Christmas village. 😀 (Aside from the two yellow diggers, there’s a warplane hidden somewhere. Can you find it?)

christmas decor ideas snowflakeLove this shot by Patch! It’s so warm and aglow with so much holiday cheer.

With just 14 days to go (aaaaack!), I know we are all busy and frantic and rushing to finish all Christmas shopping. But hey, stop a while. Step back and take time to admire the beauty of Christmas around you, even if it’s just the decor in your home. 😀

5 thoughts on “Christmas decor ideas | It’s the most wonderful time

  1. Ang galing naman ni Patch. Good job on the wreath. And I can’t find the plane Nate! Off to battle perhaps hehehe
    I’m so happy things are going great for you. Cheers!

  2. Wow, I really admire crafty people! My mom is one and she does a great job of decorating our house as well. Gosh, 14 days nalang pala to go and it’s Christmas. I did not even notice 🙁

  3. Ang cute! I love how your kids have their own touch sa Christmas decors niyo! love the trucks and the war plane. We used to have those green toy soldiers in our belen :))

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