Choi Garden Restaurant, Greenhills

My family went to Choi Garden Restaurant on Annapolis Street in Greenhills for the first time a few weeks ago. I remember now – it was the day we got Parker. We had to bring Parker home from Tiendesitas, so we had late lunch.

choi garden restaurant greenhills
These beautiful light fixtures hang from ceilings and give Choi Garden its warm ambience.

Choi Garden Restaurant is an upscale Chinese restaurant with seafood and shark’s fin as its main offerings. (My family, however, does not consume shark’s fin – price is horribly high, and the means by which they are gotten –the sharks are caught, their fins are cut off and they are then thrown back into the sea where they either bleed to death or drown – is terribly cruel. Thanks, but no shark’s fin for us.)

During weekend lunches and dinners, Choi Garden gets pretty filled up. Though it has its own building, it could be hard to get a table during peak hours. So be early, or call to reserve a table. Better yet, go in for late lunch or dinner, like we did. Hehe. (We still had to wait a bit to be seated though, and the car valet-parked.)

choi garden restaurant greenhills interiors
Lunch crowd thins out around 2 PM. But the restaurant also closes service from 2-5 PM so make sure you get there before 2.

The downside of going in late is that most best-sellers would have ran out already. I wanted to try the Fried Pigeons but they ran out.

Nevertheless, we were happy with our acquiring-Parker celebratory lunch.

choi garden restaurant greenhills yangchow fried riceYang Chow Fried Rice (Php320 for a small serving). I loved the succulent shrimps. It was a bit too oily for me though. Since Nate is allergic to eggs and shrimps, we got a cup of steamed rice (Php50) for him.

choi garden restaurant greenhills braised seafood hotpotBraised Seafood and Beancurd Hotpot (Php 380 for a small serving).  The seafood is tender – the squid is cooked just right so it’s soft. I love that there’s lots of seafood and not just tofu in this dish.

choi garden restaurant greenhills soy chickenThe Soy Chicken (Php 450 for half) was okay. The chicken is tender, even the breast part was tasty.

choi garden restaurant greenhills crispy crab claw

Crispy Crab Claws (Php100 per claw) with sweet -and-sour dip. A bit pricey, but I quickly, happily devoured a piece in two bites, hehe. It’s shelled crab claw (only the  claw tip is left) wrapped with rice noodles and deep-fried to a crisp.

choi garden restaurant greenhills salt and pepper ribsThe mandatory pork dish (as Nate is allergic to fish, seafood and chicken) – Crispy Fried Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper (Php320). This is a family favorite – we often order this wherever Chinese resto we go to. The ribs were crispy and tender at the same time. The pieces were meaty. I love the crispy garlic bits.

Plus points to Choi Garden Restaurant because the food has little to no MSG. I am allergic to MSG, and would immediately get a headache after a meal heavily laden with MSG.

We loved everything we had and would definitely go back to Choi Garden. The prices are a bit higher compared to most other Chinese restaurants we normally go to.

But you get what you pay for. As for my family, happy tummies were what we got. 😀

Choi Garden Restaurant is at 12 Annapolis Street corner Purdue Street, Greenhills, San Juan City.

9 thoughts on “Choi Garden Restaurant, Greenhills

  1. Hi Michelle!

    Yup, nabitin ako sa pigeon. We will go back for it. What other bestsellers pa ba do you recommend?

  2. the Crispy Crab Claws looks interesting 😀 i always pass by choi garden but have never tried yet. Will check it soon 😀

  3. Hi Hazel! Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

    Try Choi Garden soon. You won’t regret it – the food is wonderful. 🙂 


  4. Hi kayni! Wow, thanks for the visit!How are you?

    Try the many new restaurants, Choi Garden included, when you come home.

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