Chilly Mornings, Carols, Cereals and Cheeky Wishlists

Like it or not (I’m still torn between the two), Christmas is definitely peeking in it’s head –  chilly mornings, Christmas carols, and cheeky hints on wishlists from the kiddos!

Nate is crazy over Ben 10 and his aliens. He has this fantasy that he is – no not Ben, but – Humongousaur! Last Sunday, I got him a tiny fifty-peso Humongousaur toy from one of those token machines. And he’s been sleeping with it since. So yeah, I guess it’s a Humongousaur toy for him this Christmas.

He actually has another bukambibigNerf. I did not have any idea what it was until I saw its TVC. It doesn’t look like a good idea to give an active 3-year old. Think broken windows, bad bruises, black eyed sisters…. Uhm, no. Not a good idea at all.

But it does look like a lot of fun for adults! Yeah! War games, anyone? hehe

Well, VGood… She’s been asking me: “Ma, can you buy me a thick book?”

My thought bubble: Ha?? Anak, isdatchu? Are you cereal???

So I tell her that atchi Patchy has a lot of thick books, she should read those first then I will buy her more. I guess V is starting to mature now. And let me just segue that she’s had honors since the first quarter. PLUS! Plus, two As for good behavior! O sya, sige na nga. This little girl deserves a granted wishlist!

Oh, and Patch… Patch has been hinting that it sucks to be the only person in Grade 5 without a cellphone! Hub and I try to rationalize with her that, since they are chauffeured to and from school (by moi, of course!) and there is a home phone naman, there really is no need for her to have a cellphone at this time. But yeah, a thing called social life wasn’t factored into the rationalization.

Cereally Seriously, I think Patch’s social life is doing just fine without cell phones. She has great friends, and at this point she doesn’t need textmates. Duh.

Oh well, this post has been quite random. I am just enjoying the coolness of the morning.

In a while (or maybe in a few days), I will start working on my gift list. Now that is a cereal serious task. (*afraid*)

3 thoughts on “Chilly Mornings, Carols, Cereals and Cheeky Wishlists

  1. wow, iba na talaga mga kids – cellphone at grade 5, what were we doing when we were in grade 5? chinese garter and jackstones probably. Christmas is so wonderful for children.. hay.. those were the days.. well i still like my Christmas, because of the holidays so yes, I should look forward to Christmas.

  2. Hi manang!
    I love Christmas too – for the cool weather, the school break, the fun things to do. But I definitely don’t like the expenses hahahaha.

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