Chicken Charlie Korean style fried chicken

I got my first taste of Chicken Charlie a few nights ago when Hub brought home some takeout for dinner.

chicken charlie

The package had a warning at the bottom that said: “The chicken you are about to experience is highly addictive.”

I’ve read mixed reviews about Chicken Charlie. Some raved; others were bleh about it.

So I wondered if the warning was exaggerated.

Hub brought home chicken legs – half were regular, the other half spicy. I looooooved the spicy legs. The meat was juicy and flavorful. The skin – the best part in fried chicken for me – was crispy and tasty, but had no or minimal breading.

The package also enumerates a host of good stuff about Chicken Charlie such as:

  • zero transfats (I highly doubt this because chicken skin is transfat lurv!);
  • freshly cooked (true, because waiting time is at least 15 minutes);
  • perfectly non-greasy (well, compared to other fastfood chicken, yes, though there is still some degree of greasiness because it’s fried, after all);
  • extraordinary taste (true, true!);
  • extra crunchy (true, true, true!).

As to its claim of addictiveness… Chicken Charlie has been my craving for the past few days. So yes, it’s true!

Check out the website at for locations and more info.


3 thoughts on “Chicken Charlie Korean style fried chicken

  1. Hi Peachy!

    The ones I took pics of don’t look very good – they look burned. But the ones we had last night for dinner were superb! Brown just right and the skin was super crispy talaga. I had 4 legs hihihi, pero without rice naman. Go check it out. The nearest branch would be on Retiro St.

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