Cheers to life. Cheers to everyday.

Life with three kids… Where do I begin?  Everyday is an adventure – no dull moments with them. Sure it’s hard (say that again!?). But it is also full of rich and rewarding moments. Each day is a reason to say “cheers to life!”

It’s not the big and the great, though, but the small pockets of happy moments that really make mothering my three kids fulfilling. And when are we really at our happiest, nicest, best moments? When else, but while we’re eating together! 😛

Whether we are making food or partaking of it, celebrating a birthday or a high grade, going out for a family meal or a quick after-school snack, eating brings the “cheers to everyday”.

So I put together a video of some of our best moments with food!


Making a mess is sometimes unavoidable during moments with food. And that’s why we need Cheers by Sanitary Care Products Asia Inc. (SCPA, the same people that gave us SaniCare, my preferred brand for toilet paper and wet wipes). Cheers has a full line of sanitary paper products – table napkins, kitchen towels and paper towels made from 100% virgin pulp. Cheers contains no artificial whiteners, making it one of the purest, safest, most hygienic paper towels and napkins for your family.

Cheers paper towels table napkins cheers to everyday

I enjoyed doing this post, because it brought me back to those days when my kid where so much younger. Time indeed is fleeting, and we as parents should not take any moment for granted. When I started blogging in 2006 (TEN YEARS na pala!), I had an infant baby that I fondly called MagNate on this blog. Today, that infant is 10! iPatch is now a college sophomore who will soon be driving on her own (hooray, bawas sa tsupernanay duties 😛 ). And little V (now taller than me) is going to senior high next year!

So thanks, Cheers, for giving me this #cheerstolife #cheerstoeveryday moment today. How about you – what gives you cheer today?

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