Ceelin with zinc – choosing well for family wellness

I wrote this article for Ceelin with Zinc – a vitamin supplement that my kids have been using for years.


Having three kids is, yes, joy.

But it’s also no joke when at least one of them gets sick. Because we share a family bed (yes, we all sleep together in one room… yes, teenager included 😀 ), when one gets sick, the others are in danger of catching the bug too.

Of course, there’s Nate to consider, since he is an atopic child with a lot of food and environmental restrictions.

Because I want my kids to be healthy (and because, admittedly, it’s such a hassle when one of them is sick!), I put a premium on my family’s health. As a mom, choosing to be healthy is a decision that is often solely mine to make (because husband is busy making money, haha!).

 My armament against sickness! ceelin with zinc
My armament against sickness!

Seriously, in most Filipino households, I think mothers hold the key to this decision. We are the ones who buy the groceries, and bring the kids to the doctor for check-up. We cook the family’s food (or at least plan the menu), and prepare the kids’ school lunch. We make sure the house is clean (or train our ates to do so, hehe). Much of our family’s health is really up to us mommies.

I shared some tips here on how I keep my kids healthy.

Healthy eating is a priority (though Friday nights are often chips night – treat for the kids’ hard work week you know). For over a year now, the family has been on brown rice. Though it’s a bit more expensive than white rice, I value the benefits of brown rice. I look at it as an investment (in health) rather than an expense. The kids like eating brown rice now, although there was some resistance at first.

Our shift to brown rice was, of course, influenced by the key decision-maker – moi! Haha!

When it comes to supplements, I make sure the kids take Vitamin C regularly. My son, on top of his multivitamins, takes Ceelin with Zinc supplement because he contracted amoebiasis three years ago.

Zinc is said to strengthen the immune system. Based on experience (his amoebiasis has not recurred in a long time), it does work. Fortunately, my kids love to drink milk so I don’t give them calcium supplements yet. In fact, Patch drinks milk every night before bedtime because she wants to grow taller pa. hehe


“The Discerning Mommy” is Unilab‘s advocacy on making quality choices for the family. It is a campaign that encourages mothers to choose health – quality health at that. As the family’s real decision-makers ( face it, dads!), mothers hold in their hands the key to raising healthier, happier families.

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