Causeway Restaurant Dimsum Promo | Quezon City

In the middle of one night, hub presents the idea: let’s go to this restaurant that offers a huge discount on dimsum from 9PM to 12 midnight every night. We go – hub, kids and I. The Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo!

The Chinese characters for dimsum Β – “dian xin” – literally mean “spot, dot, point” and “heart”.Β And I can totally appreciate why.Β My family loves dimsum. There’s something about dimsum that is heart-warming. It’s become our comfort food. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ordering one basket after another, and before you know it, it’s a dimsum feast on the table! πŸ˜€

We order our favorites – siomai, siao long pao, spareribs, chicken feet, machang. We have a feast. We simply love it.
Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo dimsum cartDimsum cart at Causeway Restaurant

Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo dimsum feast
Dimsum feast!

Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo fish head tausi Fish head in tausi (fermented black beans) and chili

Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo Spareribs, xiao long pao, machang

Spareribs, xiao long bao, machang (sticky rice with eggs and meat wrapped in lotus leaf)

The best part is – we almost bingo-ed on the charge slip, but the bill comes under a thousand pesos. πŸ˜€

Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo dimsum order slip

This dimsum heaven is Causeway Restaurant on Banawe Street corner Del Monte Ave., Quezon City. The place is always crowded, but it becomes SRO at 9PM every night when all dimsum goes for Php43 per order!

Tip: There’s often a line to be seated for the Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo. If you can’t get there earlier than 9PM, go instead at 10PM, when the excited crowd has thinned out. Don’t worry, they won’t run out of dimsum.


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  1. Hi Dimsum Lover! I’ve eaten at Golden Fortune when it was still on Benavidez. Would love to try that dimsum promo, but it’s too far away from my home. Maybe we will if we get the chance to be around the area that late. πŸ˜€

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