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Easy home makeovers

Home renovation is such a costly and time-consuming task. I cannot speak yet from experience, but I have seen a few friends go through the renovation bug. And it really does get into you!

But for those who can’t do full-blown renovations because of limited time or resources, simple and inexpensive changes here and there can do a lot to improve the look of a home.

Here are some nice ideas I found on the net:

What simple, inexpensive DIY home makeover tips have you tried and tested?

Green gift idea: rechargeable fan!

Lately, I’ve been trying to go green by being more conscious of my personal habits and consumption.

Whenever I go to the supermarket, I bring with me reusable bags. I also avoid idling in the car as much as I can tolerate the heat when waiting for the kids to get off from school. I’d bring with me an abaniko and make paypay to death. Why do I put up with that, when it’s so much more convenient to just turn the engine on and enjoy the airconditioning from the car?

Because idling is an expensive habit – you’re burning fuel while getting zero mileage. And because idling emits needless greenhouse gases – noxious fumes that are making the Earth and our kids sick.

Okay, where was I? Uh yes, the gift idea…

Because the husband knows that I don’t idle, hence his kids are being dragged into my environmentalismshmism, looky what he got us – Continue reading Green gift idea: rechargeable fan!

Must. Lose. Weight. Soon.


I haven’t gone to the gym in 3 months, have not done one single run on my own. All the races I wanted to join are passing me by.

Mid-November is here, and it will only be a matter of two weeks before Christmas party invites start coming.

That means: I probably won’t get a chance to shed off the weight I gained during the past 3 months of fitness hiatus. Haaaay, my bad.

And yet I am still here, tap tap tapping away on the lappy. I can’t blame myself entirely. I’ve been blessed with work  -a lot of it – lately. Though I am thankful, it’s also my excuse for being glued on this chair in front of this lappy.

Are there healthy diet pills out there? Seriously? I guess not. Oh well…


On environmentalism and love for our children

Some people have this notion that environmentalists are vegetarian radical geeks who go around wearing “Save the Earth!” sandwich placards.

But really, if you think about it, shouldn’t we be all environmentalists? Our children and their future will inherit the same Earth we have today. And at the rate that it is deteriorating, what inheritance are we speaking of?

I chanced upon this Jet Propulsion Lab simulation of environmental changes – both past and projected future -, and the picture looks bleak.

Air pollution is getting worse. Last month, this news item came out saying that Metro Manila air is the most polluted in the world according to a DENR report. Doesn’t that shock you?

Yet, day in, day out, I see cars idling around my kids’ school as I wait for dismissal time. These cars are emitting fumes that our children breathe in. Where is the sense in that? And then we complain that our kids are always getting sick.

While it’s true that the biggest polluters are industries such as factories, oil refineries and power plants, we all have a part to play. Besides, it is being apathetic to say that we do not contribute to pollution.

It really doesn’t take much to be an environmentalist. Uh, no need to wear sandwich placards.

Here are some tips we can all start doing now:

1. Don’t idle in the car. Turn off that engine, because you’re not only putting out dangerous fumes, you’re also burning money.

2. Bring reusable bags to the supermarket. I do this. Supermarkets also have reward systems to encourage this practice. Ever since I started shopping at Shopwise using their reusable bags, I’ve probably saved P5,000.00 in discounts!

3. Recycle! My helper sets aside all plastic bottles and sells them to a junk-shop every month. That’s additional income for her as well.

4. Bring your own reusable water bottle and stop buying bottled water. The bottled water industry is one of the bigger polluters.

5. Avoid the practice of burning leaves and other backyard waste also called ‘pagsisiga’. Besides, this is against the Clean Air Act.

6. Use biofuels to fill up your vehicles; they have cleaner emissions.

Can you add to the list? Continue reading On environmentalism and love for our children

A wrinkle in time…

I’ve just turned 36! Hooray. *Eeyore voice*

I really do not feel much difference between 35 and 36… yet. But yes, four more years to go and… Tada, the big four-o!

I know some women who get more aggressive skin interventions as they near or hit forty – Botox, chemical peels, collagen, prototype 37c (a powerful anti-wrinkle serum). But I think, if you have not been taking care of your skin, forty is probably a bit too late.

I cannot afford laser treatments for sunspots, so I am always religious with applying sunblock during daytime. I make sure it’s always minimum of SPF 15. When I go for a run and will surely sweat, I use a water-proof sunblock with SPF 50.

In the past year, I have been religious with eye creams too. I realized that the first signs of ageing show with sagging lids and those wrinkles under the eyes when one smiles. I used the Shu Uemura eye gel I won last year. Now that I finished that jar, I’m using the Ponds dual eye cream. I really hope they work.

In four years’ time, I’ll see if I will be needing more aggressive intervention. 😛