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Why hello there, blog!

It’s been over a month since my last blog entry!?

I am going through what most bloggers go through – blog drought. I can’t seem to get myself to write, no matter how much material I have to blog about. I have tons of photos, all edited and watermarked, due for blogging. My kids have made a lot of bloggable witty remarks; I’ve made mental notes of them. But, I can’t seem to get myself to blog.

Maybe it’s the mommy duties that’s sapping me of energy – I am drayber by day, sweet lover by night. Hehe. I tuck the kids in bed lovingly at night, anubah!

Or maybe it’s just a phase.

I hope this phase passes soon. Soon.


Buti na lang may mga ganito… —>


Asides… Do you want that fresh-off-the-salon look everyday without breaking the bank? It’s time to get yourself some herstyler curlers. 😀

Staying safe on the road

All sorts of vehicular incidents – accidents, carnapping, carjacking, road holdups – have been headlines in the past few days. The world has gone madder. Tsk tsk.

Just yesterday on the way home, the kids and I passed by a vehicular accident which, I later learned, involved a bus swiping a lady (who died on the spot). It happened along Commonwealth Avenue, one of the widest (and also deadliest) highways in the Philippines. It’s no place for wandering ala-HHWWPSSP* –  definitely not for jaywalkers!

The other day, someone shared this story on Facebook about an M.O. of road criminals. They’d act like concerned citizens and signal you that something is wrong with your car. You stop to check, and there – you’ve given them a foothold.

How do we stay safe on the road? We know these already but we need to be reminded every so often. Women drivers – hello, fellow tsupermoms – are especially vulnerable.

Follow traffic rules. Wear your seatbelt. Don’t overspeed. Bikeriders, wear helmets. Don’t jaywalk; use pedestrian lanes and footbridges. Road rules are meant to keep us alive. Continue reading Staying safe on the road

Gym break :(

I’ve been on gym break for almost 2 months now.

The original plan was to freeze my gym membership account and try if just running more regularly will work just as good, or even better. If it works out well, I was planning to terminate my gym membership and save about Php20,000 per year!

Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans fail. Mine wasn’t really laid out well, hehe. And so yes, I kinda set myself up for failure.

In short, I have yet to do a single run this month. Last month, I did two short runs. And that was it. *facepalm*

Anyway… I really hope I can go back to my fitness routine soon. The question “do diet pills work?” is out, because I am not going back to them. The good not-so-bad news, actually is that I gained back just a few pounds in the past 2 months. If I lost weight through diet pills, I’d have regained back all the lost pounds sooner. So that’s one consolation for me…

Uhh yeah right, stop rationalizing yourself. Go out and just do it.

Hayz, please wish me luck.

One month into the school year…

It’s only been a month since the school year began. But I feel so tired already. Since June 7, I’ve been waking up at 5:30 AM almost every morning to drive the kids to school. Now more than ever, feel na feel ko talaga ang aking role as chauffeur extraordinaire.

This is because all three kids now go to school. Nate’s classes end at 10:30 AM, so I have to bring him home at midday. I get to stay at home for a couple of hours, and then I’d be driving 11, 12 kilometers back again to get my two other kids. It’s exhausting, I tellz ya.

My only consolation  is that hub volunteered to tutor V in Chinese. That means no more tutoring after school, so we get to go home early. But I still wanna take a break! How do Disney vacations sound? 😛

Call of nature at Nature Valley Run

A much as possible, I try to avoid peeing during runs because of those atrocious portable toilets / portalets. I dread entering those plastic boxes even for just a few seconds! Ugh.

But the call (of nature) was just too strong, and it kept pushing and pushing (at my bladder). And so had to I asked around and was pointed toward this area:


Wheeee! Andaming portalets! I thought: “Wow, okay ‘to! Which door to choose? Oh please please, let me be lucky…”

During the Run For Pasig River, there were two busy portalets to serve about 20,000 runners (excluding vagrants, tambays, palaboys who were curious about those brightly colored cubes). Imagine. Imagine the stink.

This time, at the Nature Valley Run, there were about 30 happy portalets to serve a number of runners a lot less than those of the Pasig River Run. So, “wheeee! Ang dami, salamat naman, no need to line up,” I thought happily.

But of course, why was I expecting to be pleasantly surprised, duh. It still stank. I really could not imagine why people sh!t in these places. OMG. There I said too much. Time to end this entry. 😛