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Parker – before and after

My bunso, Parker, has grown in leaps and bounds in the past months. We got him in March when he was just almost 3 months old – cute and cuddly. Today, he is a few days over 9 months. Still cuddly, but no longer cute. He is BIIIIIIIG!

I thought I’d share this before and after photo below. Both pics were taken by daughter Patch. On the left was when Parker first visited the village park in March. On the right was a photo taken a few days ago at the same park.

Even if he slobbers and drools and could almost knock us down when he jumps on to us… even if he chewed on the car’s mudguard (please not the tires, or else should we get big, thick ATV Tires??) and all the table legs’ corners, aaaack, we don’t regret having Parker one bit.

Parker is a sweet little big boy. I look forward to coming home because he would always run towards the gate when he hears me honk. Parker looks forward to hub’s coming home more than anyone else though. That’s because Hub, and only he, lets Parker chew on his arm!

Hay, time flies. 🙂

Pets are therapeutic

(Yep, yet another Parker post.)

Husband noticed that I have been very relaxed lately. He tells me he has not heard me screaming at the kids or getting angry at them recently.

Hmp. It’s just that the kids are off school and there are no tests and quizzes to stress over, I retort with an eye roll.

He thinks otherwise. It must be Parker, he says.

Well, he could be right. I mean, I’ve been preoccupied lately with this doggy. The kids and I bond together walking, grooming and just playing with our new baby. And doing these stuff seem to give an over-all feel-good vibe to me.

Pets seem to have that stress-relieving effect. In fact holistic health practitioners recommend pet therapy. Among the benefits include prolonged life, reduced stress-induced symptoms, and decreased need for medical care. For those who are lonely and longing for companionship, pet therapy may work better than going to free dating online sites! Because pets are non-judgmental, and give unconditional love.

What do you think?

I think I agree with husband. Parker is turning me into a gentler, more patient tiger mom. 😀

Royal Spiderman is in the house!

Today, the kids, hub and I went to the pet store to claim Parker‘s pedigree and registration certificate issued by the Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines, Inc. (AKCUPI).

We were pleasantly surprised to read this on his registration paper:

Funny that we chose to name him “Parker” without knowing that “Prince Peter” is his registered name, haha!

Meanwhile, Parker is growing really fast! He turned 3 months old yesterday, and I’m guessing he must be around 10 kilos now. Will confirm that tomorrow when I bring him to the vet for a shot.

Diet: He’s on Vitality High Energy (P1700/ 15-kilo bag) – switched from Beef Pro Puppy and I noticed that his poop doesn’t smell as bad anymore. We feed him wet food (1 cup of dog food na binabad sa water for about thirty minutes) twice a day. Continue reading Royal Spiderman is in the house!

How to housebreak dogs | Living with Parker

When the idea of getting a dog was first brought up by Hub… I notice it’s always Hub who comes up with these pet ideas… When he first brought up the pet-dog idea, I was the least enthusiastic. I told him and the kids many times over that if we were to get a dog, they will have to take care of it. I said I wasn’t into dogs. And the issue of how to housebreak dogs? There’s no way that I was gonna deal with that!

But guess who is now in the thick of all things Parker??? Corek!

One of the most challenging tasks of taking on a new dog is housebreaking. It’s the main reason why I’d rather have fish or a rodent than a pet that poops, pees and chews on furniture.

But thanks to technology, housebreaking dogs is now made easier with aids like this one –

how to housebreak dogs housebreaking aid

Zema Housebreaking Aid (costs around P250 per bottle) is easy to use. Just spray a bit of the liquid onto a piece of paper or training pad. Let your dog sniff the piece of paper or pad and put it on the area where you want the dog to do its thing.

For Parker, it seems to work. I put the piece of paper sprayed with the liquid on a corner, and he has been going to that corner consistently. I kinda regret, however, assigning the corner because it’s near the dining table! I’m thinking the bathroom is a better idea.

I am also reading up on housebreaking tips online. This article is very helpful. Some tips that I find helpful: Continue reading How to housebreak dogs | Living with Parker

Meet Parker, our Golden Retriever

It’s summer break for my kids.

And so after weeks of scouting/scouring the pet hubs around Metro Manila, of debating and discussing, and of going back and forth shops, we finally decided. We’re right on target, actually, because hub wanted the kids to be occupied all summer. Training a new puppy will surely keep our hands full!

Meet Parker, our nearly-3-month-old Golden Retriever –

He was named after Nate’s favorite superhero. Nate was actually lobbying for “Ben 10” but it was immediately opposed by the majority. He was starting to suggest “Spiderman”, so I was quick to suggest “Parker.” Everyone liked it, so Parker he is!

I read that Golden Retrievers are playful, affectionate and intelligent dogs, ideal for families with kids. But they need gentle yet firm humans to train them. Goldies make good guard dogs, as they can signal the approach of strangers by barking. Hub wanted a guard dog, so that’s a check too.

That the kids were excited on the way home from Tiendesitas is an understatement. Continue reading Meet Parker, our Golden Retriever