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Bed talk, bird talk and more V Quips

A few recent nights have reminded me that bedtime is the best time for priceless moments and senseless talk with my kids.

One night the talk turned tender… To tenders, in fact. Blame it on too much cartoons, Nate has a a Kungfu Panda way of thinking whenever he hears the word “tenders”.

Me: Achi* ate chicken tenders for meryenda kanina.

Nate: Oooh, my tenders!

Patch: What?? Ma, what are chicken tenders made of?

Me (makapang-asar lang): Tenders of chicken!

Patch: *grossed out* x_x

After that, the kids spent a good few minutes shadow boxing. The girls’ hand-shadows *punched* Nate as he pretended to either evade or get hurt with the punches. Teehee. Kaaliw sila.

*Achi is Fookienese way of calling the eldest sister in the family.


If V has witty quips, Nate seems to have his own thing going too…

Nate: Ma, boys have bird ba?

Me: Yes.

Nate: Papa has bird?

Me: Yes.

Nate: Same size ba bird namin?

Where in the world do kids get these questions???????


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She’s a reader!

As a child, I enjoyed reading. But I must admit my daughter Patch is a much more voracious reader than when I was her age.

Yesterday, she brought home a paperback she borrowed from her classmate – Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1: The Lightning Thief. She said it was more “awesome than the movie!” And she even went on to say “Ang pangit ng movie!”

I had to be firm with her, though, so she’d put the book down, because today was the last day of Unit Tests and she was supposed to be studying. But she was reading the book instead of studying… Oh well, yes it’s a good problem.

Anyway, books can make a huge dent on the budget so I often buy from used-books shops like Books For Less or National Bookstore’s POB (previously owned books) Section. I’ve never tried buying from online shops such as Amazon books, though. I’m scared of the S&H charges.

Back to the Percy Jackson series… She is so loving it, she plans to save her allowance so she can buy the whole series of books. 😀

The Miracle of Wires

Patch got wired during the summer of 2008.

Back then, she had “very few” teeth, because the dentist had to do series extraction. She pulled out the temporary teeth to make room for the permanent ones. The dentist had to resort to series extractions because Patch has small facial bones. Her jaw and mandibles were too small, limiting the space for her teeth. If she did not get braces, she will get crowded teeth (like I do).

Thankfully, her permanent teeth grew out in time, with the help of the wires. Before we knew it, she had a complete set of teeth (except for the third molars). So, fast forward to today, here are her new set of choppers –

Hopefully, the wires come off in summer of 2010.

But guess who will be needing wires real soon?

I am just glad we have a great family orthodontist. So there won’t be any need for a Plano cosmetic dentist in the future, I need to start working with the her on the next client. Who’s the next client?

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Welcome to Teenage Parenting

The teenage years – I now welcome this new phase into my parenting karir career.

Daughter Patch turned twelve early this month. She’s not quite into the teen years yet, but the inevitable changes are happening so fast. And I’m talking milestone after milestone here.

Days before her birthday, I noticed a tiny red bump on a corner of her nose – the official first zit.

A few days after her birthday, she finally volunteered to sleep in her own room – the official first solo night.

Despite wanting her to leave the family bed for the loooongest time (masikip na eh), I felt some pangs of separation anxiety that night. I went to check on her at 11 PM – she was snoring so soundly. *sigh*

Oh, the official first period? It happened months ago. (She is so gonna kill me for blogging this! )

Her taste in music is also shifting – from HSM and Camp Rock soundtracks to Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas and Greenday. (I’m surprised she knows Greenday!)

The other day, I was talking to a couple of mom-friends from school. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that this girl and that boy already broke up; this boy likes this girl but the girl likes another boy; this girl is nursing a broken heart…

As a mom of a teenager, I get palpitations when I hear these things.

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Patch’s Birthday Books

Patch turned 12 last weekend. And I knew exactly what she wanted: BOOKS.

So I took her last Saturday to National Bookstore, which incidentally is holding the annual book sale. We wanted to buy the latest installments of The 39 Clues, the current rave among booklovers her age. But only Books 1 to 4 were available; books 5 and 6 are yet to be released. (We’re now in the queue, hehe.)

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure she was happy with her take-home:

Princess Diaries Collection (Meg Cabot)

-Not exactly this one, but a paperback version. I was going to take a photo for this entry, but I can’t find the book anywhere. Patch must have brought it to school.

The Legend of Zoey (Candie Moonshower)

She also got one more Nancy Drew book to add to her collection. And, for myself, I got One Hundred Years of Solitude paperback at a super-bargain price of Php78.00! 😀 Happiness!

For all four books, the total bill came under Php700.00! *insert plurk banana emoticon here* Continue reading Patch’s Birthday Books