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Crosswinds Resort Suites, Tagaytay weekend getaway

Earlier this year, I bought a voucher through CashCash Pinoy for an overnight stay at Crosswinds Resort Suites in Tagaytay. The deal included accommodation in a studio room and breakfast for two. At 50% discount, I thought it was a good deal.
Crosswind Resort Suites chalet steps

Besides, a no-kids getaway has long been overdue – six years, to be exact. So I got little protestations from the husband who willingly gave up one day of work.

Hub and I left Manila before lunch, and took the Eton City exit on South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) instead of the usual Sta. Rosa exit towards Tagaytay. The Eton City exit seems to be a less congested route. If you want to see the booming real estate industry (Eton City, Nuvali, Britanny, et. al.) in that part of the South, it’s the route to take.

We stopped by Paseo de Sta. Rosa, where the Eton City exit actually leads to. We checked out the outlet shops of Adidas, Nike, Speedo, Crocs, and Havaianas. I got myself a new swimsuit at 60% off at Speedo!


It wasn’t difficult to find Crosswinds. After entering Tagaytay from Sta. Rosa/Silang, we turned left towards Tagaytay Highlands and People’s Park (where the Tagytay Zipline is). We were at the main gate of Crosswinds in less than 15 minutes. Crosswind Resort Suites welcomeCrosswinds Resort Suites Continue reading Crosswinds Resort Suites, Tagaytay weekend getaway

Fabulous Wedding Invitations

Three years ago, my sister Rav and her husband celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary by “getting married all over again”. Yep, they had a romantic renewal of vows ceremony and an uber-fun Oriental-themed party afterwards.

I was tasked with having the wedding invitations designed and printed. Hub has a friend who was in the printing business, so I really got a good deal. It was quite a hassle though, because the printing shop was located in Downtown Manila. But when the invitations finally came out, I had to admit it was well worth the hassle. The couple was happy, and that’s all that mattered.

Lucky for those who are planning their weddings today,  because there are a lot of online sites where they can conveniently shop for invites. The design collections online are so wide and unique and simply fabulous, I want to get married again. 😛 Just in case, I’ve already picked out my favorite. 😀

So unique!
I love the text!

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Lost and Found

About three weeks ago, I discovered my 8-year old sunglasses weren’t in my bag. Not in the car either. Thanks but no thanks to my ageing neurons, I forgot that I wore them in morning going to the gym. I thought I might have just left them at home.

So I went on with my day as usual.

Several days passed, rainy and sunless so I had no use for the shades. Then the sun came out one day, I needed my shades. Search, search, search. Yak, yak, yak. That’s when I discovered the shades were missing. Officially.

I felt so bad about losing it. Dang! Those sunglasses are older than my second child VGood! Hubby bought it for me while I was pregnant. We were shopping for baby clothes at the mall. The sunglasses were on 30%-off. He wanted to please me.

It was a time when I was depressed and our relationship was difficult. Continue reading Lost and Found

My Dream Vacation

Do you have one? I have been conjuring up images of my dream vacation for years. Here’s a peek into how it will be like:

It’s going to be a cruise vacation on board one of those fabulous Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ships. Better yet, maybe we can get onto one of those “Love Boats” as popularized by the Princess Cruise Lines. Husband and I (yep, no kids allowed!) will go island-hopping all over the Carribean – basking under the sun on those beautiful white-sand beaches, experiencing exotic tastes and sounds, hunting for fabulous finds at local markets. In between island-hopping, we will share romantic sunsets and spectacular sunrises on the ship’s deck. (Years ago, I discovered that no other sunrise view beats that on a ship’s deck! It is simply marvelous.) This vacation has “mushy” written all over!

Or: the whole family can spend Christmas (okay, okay, kids allowed this time) on a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean region aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. It would be great to expose the kids to the rich history and culture of the Mediterranean – visiting ancient ruins at Pompeii and historical landmarks at Alexandria. It would be an adventure the family will never forget.

Vacation cruises like these will surely cost a lot. But I’m sure there’s a cruise package that will fit into my budget. Besides, I’ve still much time – 20 years to be exact – to prepare 😛 . Really, the way hub is slaving away at work today, I think we will need an extravagant cruise vacation when the time comes to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Anyway, weren’t we taught to dream big dreams? So let me.

Happy Anniversary, Daddy and Mama!

Dear Dad and Ma,

Today you celebrate 43 years of being together. Those 43 years have not at all been perfect or rosy. You’ve had your share of ups and downs.

These photos were taken long ago. Look how happy you were. You seemed so in love with each other. And you still are! Never mind the faults, the fights, the falling-outs. What matters is you’ve always managed to work things out.


Taken at the Imelda Park (now Botanical Garden), Baguio City. Circa 1970.


The caption at the back reads: December 25, 1975 (a year after ma gave birth to me… And look at that body! She rocks!)

Look where you are now. Through the years, you have accumulated beautiful memories, raised six wonderful girls into strong women, and are the proud grandparents of 15 (very soon, 16)!


December 25, 2001.

Today, and everyday, may you two take time to remember the happy days. Remember the funny moments. Reminisce each birth experience, each child’s milestones. You’ve got a rich treasury chest – 43 years worth of memories. Draw from them. I’m sure you won’t run out of good things to remember.

Thank you for raising us and helping us get to where we are now. I wish you will savor the coming years with laughter, love, and making more beautiful memories. I love you!


200510-003.jpgNEWS FLASH: This just came in – my honkee niece, Adie ( forgot yer pseudonym! The bangir has been sooo quiet in the recent 10 years!)… Anyways… Adie, my 15-year old niece who lives in Hong Kong, is closing the school year with honours award! Great job, Adie. The Hong Kong curriculum for international schools is quite rigid. I’ve seen her struggle with her Math homework. I’ve heard about other assignments they’re given which to me are like “Whaat in the bleep is that??”. I tell ya, it’s not easy! So, congratulations, Adie. You did a great job. I’m sure your parents are beaming with pride. 😉