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Coping with skin asthma (Atopic Dermatis)

It’s not easy for my son and my family to cope with his skin asthma.
coping with skin asthma

Nate is in the midst of what could be his worst and longest skin asthma flare-up yet. And it is breaking our hearts to see him itching, oozing, struggling, wanting to do so many things in school, but not being able to do so. Even simply joining P.E. class is hard for him because sweating makes him itch. And sweat on his broken skin  – very very painful. 🙁

Sometimes, I think I’d put a sandwich sign around my son’s neck. It will read:

I have skin asthma.

No, not contagious.

Yes, very itchy. And painful.

Yes, I have meds. Lotions too.

And creams. And ointments.

And salts in my bath.

Nope – chips, candies, chocolate and Coke not allowed.

Yes, a little compassion please.

He’s been getting really bad flareups lately. And things get very frustrating at times. Today, he is absent in school again because the skin on his neck is oozing, and just turning his head is painful.

I really did not need to see the horrified look on that mommy’s face in school when she saw his neck yesterday. Pfffft. Or hear from Nate that some classmates think he looks like a zombie. (That’s rude, kids. But, oh well…)

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Double dose of funny quips

In this blog, there’s a category I dedicated to V called “V Quips”. It’s all about her witty and funny remarks.

Well, she doesn’t stand alone now in the funnies category. Nate’s vocabulary and speech talents have grown in the recent months by leaps and bounds.

Here’s a couple of the duo’s recent riot lines.


V, memorizing a Bible verse for Christian Education test. She quotes a verse in Isaiah, with feelings and actions: “All the grasses may wither and the flowers may fall, but your word shall remain forever.” (imagine her dramatic way of talking and acting.)

She pauses, with an discontented look. “Hmmmm, you know, Mom, it should be: All the grasses may wither and the flowers may fall, but your word shall remain for all. That sounds better, right? It should rhyme…”


(I posted this on my Facebook profile, but I wanted to share it here.)

I hear Nate getting back from his afternoon walk with the neighborhood kids. He races up the stairs and into our bedroom where I was napping. With twinkling eyes and that adorable smile (this little boy will break a lot of hearts), he gives me two gumamela flowers:

Nate to me: “For you! Put it on your ears… I know you love pink… Don’t let it die!”

And the punchline, with a half-wink (he still can’t do a full wink): “Papa never give(s) you flowers…”

All together now: *aawwwwww*

Enter, Miss V to burst the bubble… “You know,  sioti (little brother), Mom’s favorite color is blue. She hates pink.”

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Finally… happy holidays!

Today was the kids’ last day of school for the year.

So we are officially on Christmas break. Wooohoooo! Now I can feel the holiday spirit.

And this one really made me feel more Christmassy all over!

I’m so proud of my Nate! Yep, he scrawled his name by himself, stuck the colorful plastic stars and moons, and the cotton balls too!

The tree looks a whole lot prettier now. 😀

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Milk for healthier, taller kids

One morning a few months ago, I woke up to find this –

It was an easy mystery to solve because the suspect left his footprints all over the crime scene!

It was the first time that Nate did this – sneaking to mix his own milk by himself. Hilarious!

Nate is now over 4 years old, but I am glad that he still takes his milk. Though he eats regular food (except allergenic ones) that the rest of the family does, I don’t think Nate is ready to give up milk just yet. I’m not in a hurry, though I’d love it even more if he’d give up the bottle and start drinking from the glass.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t really a milk-drinker. Husband also regrets not drinking  milk regularly as a child, and blames that for his not-so-tall stature.

Having realized our mistakes, and for fear that our kids won’t grow very tall (uhh, genes from hub’s side of the family… ssshhhh), we strongly encourage our children to drink two glasses of milk every day.

Patch, who is now 13, doesn’t need much convincing. She is sooooo into volleyball, actually dreams of playing in college, so she wants to grow taller some more. At 13, she is 5 feet tall – not so bad, I think. But she hopes (and well, we – hub and I – hope) she will grow a few inches more. She never misses her two glasses of milk, no matter how late at night it already is.

V, on the other hand, loves milk – she drinks it, eats it even. At least twice a day, sometimes up to three times! Continue reading Milk for healthier, taller kids

Tissue issue

Last night, in the bedroom. Kids were winding down. I was getting my dose of Bones. The Christmas episode of Season 1 was on. It was quite an emotional episode, and if you knew me, you’d expect me to be crying. Of course.

This was the episode where the whole team had to be quarantined in the lab because they were exposed to some infectious spore. It also happened to be Christmas. And so they all spent Christmas eve, and half of Christmas day in quarantine. On Christmas Eve, each one of the team was visited by family and loved ones. All, except Dr. Temperance Brennan a.k.a. Bones (played by Emily Deschanel) because up to that point she had no family. 🙁

It was more emotional than this, okay? Anyway, by the time the episode was finished I was in big-time cryfest. The girls began teasing me for being such a cry baby. Nate was nearest to me, so I took his hands and playfully wiped my tears with them.

Nate had this look of disdain on his face. He looked at his hands like they were really disgusting, and began bellowing in his low, paos voice:

“Hindi ako tissue! Hindiii ako tiiiisuueee!!! Waaaaaahhhh! Huhuhuhuuuu!”

Wahahahahaha! But the more I laughed, the louder he cried. I had to fake sympathy. 😛


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