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Welcoming 2011 with gratitude

First of all, I want to thank those who joined my blog contest on gratitude. Your comments are so heartwarming to read. Thank you for sharing your gratitude!


Years ago, before I started blogging, I started a gratitude journal. Back then, I felt the need to cultivate the attitude of thankfulness because I felt, I thought my life lacked a lot of things. Maybe it was out of immaturity that I felt that way.

Although I wasn’t able to sustain the gratitude journal very long, I am glad I started one. Opening the journal at the end of a day and writing down all the reasons I can find to be thankful proved to be a very good exercise. I realized that no matter how bad a day it was, there was always at least five things to be thankful for.

Gratitude fills the void of whatever it is that I lack. I realize, when I make a conscious effort to be thankful by writing down my reasons to be thankful, that I am blessed, I have all that I need.

Today is the last day of 2010, and I want to end it with a thankful heart. There are many reasons for the overflowing gratitude I feel, and today seems like a good day to start anew with a Gratitude Journal. 🙂

Let’s end 2010 and welcome 2011 with thankful, grateful hearts. Say “thank you” to that person you must thank. Find reasons to be thankful. If you look hard enough, it hasn’t really been that bad. Life is beautiful; we will never run out of things to be thankful for.

Happy New Year to all of you! Let’s welcome 2011 with grateful, expectant hearts. 🙂

Finally… happy holidays!

Today was the kids’ last day of school for the year.

So we are officially on Christmas break. Wooohoooo! Now I can feel the holiday spirit.

And this one really made me feel more Christmassy all over!

I’m so proud of my Nate! Yep, he scrawled his name by himself, stuck the colorful plastic stars and moons, and the cotton balls too!

The tree looks a whole lot prettier now. 😀

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On milestones and celebrations

I don’t know about your family/clan, but in mine, September is the birthday season. We have at least 7 family members who are celebrating birthdays this month. But this is just based on Facebook, so the count could be more.

Statistically, September has the highest rate of births per day in Philippine hospitals compared to the rest of the year. Count nine months back, and you will understand why. (Brrrr…..)

So imagine the celebrations that happen during this month in our family. They range from simple and quiet to major major ones.

On a few occasions (for my kids, especially), I give in to a bit of major-majorness but personally, I go for simple and quiet. But always, I make sure there is some semblance of celebration – even if it’s just simply blowing the candles on the cake.

Celebrating milestones are just as important as the milestones themselves. Celebrations remind us of the value of the person/s being celebrated, and show them they are appreciated. Husband and I celebrate – believe it or not – our BF/GF anniversary still up to this day. Again, nothing mind-blowing but we make sure we remember and mark each year.


Celebrations are made more special with gifts, of course. And, even if “It’s the thought that counts” is true most of the time, exerting effort in selecting a gift for your loved one is something that will be noticed and appreciated. Unique anniversary gifts by year are a great way to mark important dates with your loved ones. I found some cool first anniversary gift ideas. My most favorite is this one:

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On restful baby sleep… and other things nostalgic

When Nate was younger (and a lot smaller), he used to love listening to classical music while sleeping. I’d play a Mozart CD or that free classical baby CD I got from a milk company rep when I was working for the pharma industry. The soothing piano music lulled him to sleep, and he’d snooze all afternoon.

Yep, he was a calm baby. I had no problems at all putting him to sleep when he was younger. Common sleep aids I often had to employ for my two other kids were dancing and singing – done together! I remember when Patch was a baby, my sisters and I would lull her to the tune of Spice Girls songs (“Mama, I looooove youuuuu… mama, I caaare….”). For Nate, no such production numbers. All I had to do was slip his favorite CD into the player and he’s off to lala land.


I’m gazing now at Nate’s photo above and can’t help but feel nostalgic, awed at how small and cuddly and angelic he was… And I can’t help feeling bad that he is my last baby already. (Yep, our family plan specifically states “3 kids only.”) Three kids seem a lot these days, with most intentional families carefully planning and spacing childbirths. But really, kids – they grow so fast. And before you know it, they’re all grown up, living their own lives, at wala ka nang baby. 🙁

Aww, just let me be cheesy a bit. Tomorrow my baby boy turns four. He seems big for a four-year old. But he will always be my baby. Promise you dat. (Monster mom-in-law in the making, hehe)

The other day, my second baby girl V turned 9 naman. Nine! In a year, she will be in the two-digit age already, and, once puberty hits a child, there’s no stopping the growing-up already. Boohoo. Continue reading On restful baby sleep… and other things nostalgic

On parenting tweens and newborn babies

While I was writing this article for, I suddenly missed having a small baby! My three kids are, well, still kids, but far from the little babies they once were.

My youngest little boy is not so little anymore. Looking at this photo, where he looked so angelic and cuddly, I find myself wishing I could still have one more. (Wishful thinking!)

I now have a nearly-teener, and I’m beginning to feel the heartaches that come with parenting one. When she was a little girl, she never tired of my kisses and hugs… *sniff, sniff*

Writing this article made me realize how fast my kids have grown. Sometimes parents can get too caught up with the complexities of life that we fail to take note of the little things. Those little things can’t be brought back when their time have passed – the small hands that cup your face to give you a wet kiss, the hearty giggles, the house that can never be tidy for one full hour. One day these shall pass, I hope not too soon.

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