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Payong Gang pickpocket caught on camera

My daughter was victimized by this Payong Gang pickpocket.

Sometimes life lets things happen when we least expect it and we are caught unprepared. That’s just what happened to my daughter yesterday.

St Luke's Hospital payong gang pickpocket woman

Payong Gang pickpocket

I am almost paranoid when it comes to the safety of my kids. I am sure I annoy them with my incessant reminders to be careful whenever we are out.

“Remember, these bad people do not have other jobs. They wake up in the morning and have nothing else in mind: who to prey on. That’s their job…  they are always on the lookout kung sino’ng bibktimahin nila. Kids like you are their targets… blah blah blah blah…”

I go on and on and on.  Continue reading Payong Gang pickpocket caught on camera

Only the good: Positive blogging

(Image from Pinterest)

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions so I rarely make any.

This year, though, I resolve to do this: I will post only about positive things and thoughts in my blog and social networks. I’ve had my share of rant posts in the past (it could be the age, y’know) and, looking back, they aren’t very pleasant to read. Reading about rants and complaints drags people down.

I need to remind myself more often that negativity is a very strong force – stronger than positivity. And the more I talk, think, post negatively, the more negative forces I attract to myself. I want a good year for my family and loved ones, so I will talk, think, post only about positive things –  the law of attraction!

Not all are innately optimistic, and the attitude takes a lot of cultivating. So share with me – what’s your strategy in keeping your mind positive?

Here’s to positive blogging!

Paper cranes for 2013

paper cranes origami

Vera’s paper cranes – she recently discovered the joy of origami.

Hi there, everyone! Happy New Year!

The holiday rush, as usual, got the best of me so Christmas came and went without any updates on the blog. The Christmas holidays have been a time of catching up with family and old friends. As usual, the family spent Christmas in Baguio. It’s that time of the year that my kids (sige na nga, ako rin) eagerly look forward to. This year, I especially looked forward to going home to Baguio because of scheduled reunions with dear old friends from high school.

I continued going to the gym. I lost six pounds, and gained back one during the Christmas break, but that’s okay. I’m not bopping myself on the head for that. I’m back at the gym, and ran my first 5k for the year on the treadmill today. I’m pretty sure I will lose that one pound soon, along with the excess 20+.

And oh, yeah. Remember my Christmas wishlist? Hub and the kids granted my wish for new running shoes and a gym bag! Their gift means so much to me, not only because I really wanted the stuff, but because the kids actually shelled out money from their savings. I love my thoughtful kids.

The year is off to a good start. And I am sharing with you V’s paper cranes, along with wishes for my family, friends and all of you who read this blog –

Good health, abundance, happiness, peace, and everything that is good in 2013!


On happiness and buying gifts

One of the more memorable life-experience gifts we gave our family is this simple, almost-spontaneous trip to the beach we took in December last year.

A few weeks back, I was watching a replay episode of  Oprah about Happiness where Goldie Hawn was guest. The book by Dan Buettner, Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way, was being discussed.

As always, a lot of things struck me while watching the show. For instance, I learned that a study has actually proven that sitting quietly for just 10 minutes each day will improve one’s happiness. (I should try this.)

A Harvard University study has shown that spending just 10 minutes each day sitting and breathing—doing absolutely nothing—will increase your happiness.

Interestingly, one of the calmest and most contented persons I know is one who practices meditation. No, he hasn’t always been calm and contented. On the contrary, he used to have explosive temper. But today, it seems nothing agitates him. Well… except his ex-wife, hehe.

Here’s another one: Up to 50% of your happiness is genetic.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found that people can be born happy—up to 50 percent of your happiness is genetic. (40 percent can be learned and 10 percent is influenced by life circumstances.)

So, if you think you were not born happy, don’t despair. You can still work on the other 40%.

The other thing that stuck to me from that Oprah episode is this: Life experience gifts bring more long-lasting happiness than material gifts. Again, a study actually proved this. Continue reading On happiness and buying gifts

Unilab Ideas Positive 2011 – Transforming Communities with the Filipino Youth

Among the country’s many problems, such as corruption, insurgency, and education, it is easy to drown out the issues on health and wellness.

So Unilab, in its effort to promote healthier lives for Filipinos, launched a project called Unilab Ideas Positive (UIP). It is a cause-oriented project that harps on the Filipino’s inherent trait of Bayanihan, and the youth’s creativity.

Unilab Ideas Positive is a yearly competition for college student groups to come up with bright, innovative ideas in helping alleviate health issues in their own communities.

This year’s Unilab Ideas Positive has 11 semifinalists. What’s at stake for each youth group?

For the Grand Prize Winner:

– Ideas Positive Trophy for their school
– P100,000 seed money for the implementation of their project
– P50,000 cash prize for the group members
– P10,000 honorarium for the group mentor/faculty coach

For the 2 runners-up:

– P75,000 seed money for the implementation of their project
– P30,000 cash prize for the group members
– P5,000 honorarium for the group mentor/faculty coach

You can have a say on who wins by simply voting for the video of your favorite Idea Positive. Let’s support this worthwhile project by casting our votes.


1. Like the UIP Facebook page at This is required to be able to vote.

2. Go to the Unilab Ideas Positive website, and log in with your Facebook account (you will be prompted at the home page).

3. Click the “VIDEOS” tab (or click this link) to watch and vote for the best Idea Positive.

Voting ends tomorrow, September 7, so go now and make your vote count! Your vote can help transform a community.