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Angel’s Pizza delivery

Angel’s pizza delivery – pepperoni
Angel's pizza delivery - pepperoni

This is a test post. My dearest, ever-thoughtful Hub gave me an HTC Desire HD android phone two days ago. (“Just because…” daw. Ang haba ng hair ko!)
I am currently busy exploring ze new toy, installing apps and games.
Of course I installed the WordPress for Android app, and it’s what I am using now to write this. I also installed Photoshop Express for basic photo editing (cropping, contrast, brightness, etc) and a free watermarking app.
So yeah, this blog entry was entirely created using Android technology. Cool eh?
Anyway, the family ordered pizza after dinner tonight. It is not quite midnight yet, so it can’t be midnight snack. Hehe.

We recently discovered Angel’s Pizza and are loving it. I have a VIP card which we use to avail of buy-1-get-1 promo on pizzas. Angel’s Pizza delivery number is 922-2222.

As i type this, I realize I can’t create hyperlinks… And my hands are going numb… And my fingers are so fat I keep tapping on the wrong key.
So I should hit the publish button now. 😀

The fruitiest Chinese New Year celebration

The mystery-cake saga continues. And everything is set to be revealed tonight!

I got this in the mail last night:

Whats a giant mango doing at SM Mall of Asia?
What's a giant mango doing at SM Mall of Asia?

If you happen to be around SM Mall of Asia later today, or if you want to be part of the biggest Chinese New Year celebration, drop by the Music Hall at SM MOA around 5:30 PM.

The manhunt for the fruitabomber Pulp-X ends there. The mysterious Mr. Ang will most probably make a public statement too. And something pfretty fruity-explosive will be revealed!


Kiong Hee Huat Chai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

All three mean the same, only they’re in three different Chinese languages. The first is in Fookienese, the dialect in the Chinese Fujian/ Fookien Province from which most Filipino-Chinese’ ancestors came.

The second greeting is in Mandarin, the universal Chinese language, also said to be the global language of the future. (So start learning the language now!)

The last one is in Cantonese, the main Chinese dialect in Canton (Southern China) and Hong Kong.

The phrase translates to “I wish you will prosper.”

To all of us, a prosperous Year of the Rabbit!


What are good gifts for the Year of the Rabbit? For women, they will surely appreciate an anti wrinkle cream that works. Anyone would love to look a few years younger.

And the winners are…!

(This should have been up early this morning, as I began writing it around 2 AM. But I totally fell asleep on the keyboard. Zonked out.)

I know I said I’d announce the winners for the gratitude list contest on New Year’s Day. But the judges had a busy day… And then of course they had to deliberate because it was tough choosing the winners. But finally, they came up with a decision. (Naks, parang Top Chef lang ha!)

Let me introduce you to the people behind the decision – the esteemed panel of judges: my flying sisters Rav (as in Raviowli) and Dav (as in Da Vinci); my 18-year-old niece Adie (wise beyond her years); and ze daughter iPatch. Thank you, judges, for really taking time to read and discuss the comments! Mwah!

I stayed away from the judging so the winners were selected objectively.

Hooookay. ‘Nuff said. Here we go!

*drum roll*

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‘Tis the season to be jolly!


And because it’s the season for giving too, I’ll give my readers and friends something to be jolly about.

I’m giving away some vouchers! Not so bongga, but these are from the heart – in gratitude for all your support and all the blessings that I’ve received. 🙂

Three vouchers worth P400.00 at Henrys Place.
Three vouchers worth P400.00 at Henry’s Place, Bonifacio Global City as 3rd, 4th and 5th prizes.
Two vouchers for lunch/dinner buffet at Corniche, Diamond Hotel - Manila for 1st and second prizes.
Two vouchers for lunch/dinner buffet at Corniche, Diamond Hotel – Manila as 1st and second prizes.

2010 has been kind and good, despite some difficulties my family has had. So I’d like to share some joy around. Anyone who reads my blog can enter to join, as long as you are able to avail of the vouchers within their validity period.

So what do you have to do? Nothing difficult, really.

Just leave a comment below, answering this question:

Who/what are you grateful for in 2010?

Best 5 answers, to be judged by my family (kids, husband, sisters), will win the vouchers. Contest will run until December 31, and winners will be announced on New Year’s Day!  Vouchers will be sent through email.

So look back at your 2010 with a grateful heart and share with me your gratitude. Thanks!


Disclaimer: I bought these vouchers at Ensogo, but the contest is in no way connected to or supported by Ensogo. Original terms and conditions of vouchers apply. Read details, terms and conditions for Henry’s Place vouchers here, and for Corniche Diamond Hotel Buffet vouchers here.

If you’re not a member of Ensogo yet, you may want to sign up using my referral code :D. But that is optional, of course.


Asides… Buffets are great once in a while. Go buffet-ing and you may find yourself on the hunt for adapexin review as you try to lose all that weight. 😛

Green gift idea: rechargeable fan!

Lately, I’ve been trying to go green by being more conscious of my personal habits and consumption.

Whenever I go to the supermarket, I bring with me reusable bags. I also avoid idling in the car as much as I can tolerate the heat when waiting for the kids to get off from school. I’d bring with me an abaniko and make paypay to death. Why do I put up with that, when it’s so much more convenient to just turn the engine on and enjoy the airconditioning from the car?

Because idling is an expensive habit – you’re burning fuel while getting zero mileage. And because idling emits needless greenhouse gases – noxious fumes that are making the Earth and our kids sick.

Okay, where was I? Uh yes, the gift idea…

Because the husband knows that I don’t idle, hence his kids are being dragged into my environmentalismshmism, looky what he got us – Continue reading Green gift idea: rechargeable fan!