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Making Artzooka 3d cards (mouth pop-up cards)

This afternoon, V was inspired to make Artzooka 3d cards that she saw on the show. The kids have been OD’ing on TV all summer. That’s okay – it’s summer anyway. They won’t be getting this much TV when school starts so, sige laaaang…

Look at what V made from scratch, inspired by Artzooka, a program on Nickelodeon that features cool art projects.

The cards are actually called mouth pop-up cards, and I found this video that illustrates how they are made.

To make Artzooka 3d cards, you will need:

At least 2 pieces of colored art paper (V used construction paper here)



coloring materials (crayons, colored pens, colored pencils)

googly eyes (optional. You can instead draw eyes, or make cutout eyes, like V did.)

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up alienA pink alien, probably from Venus?

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up bruce sharkBruce the shark and all his sea-creature friends. There’s a crab there somewhere that Nate drew.

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up yellow duckieThe Duckie… before I stewed it in beer… I guess…. 😀 Hahahahaha!

Making these Artzooka 3d cards, along with another one (a dog!) she sent as a birthday card for a cousin, kept V busy one whole afternoon. Actually, these 3D/pop-up creations make great greeting card ideas.

V based the alien design on the Artzooka episode. The duck and the shark, however, are her very own designs.

So you see? TV isn’t bad all the time. 😀

Pets are therapeutic

(Yep, yet another Parker post.)

Husband noticed that I have been very relaxed lately. He tells me he has not heard me screaming at the kids or getting angry at them recently.

Hmp. It’s just that the kids are off school and there are no tests and quizzes to stress over, I retort with an eye roll.

He thinks otherwise. It must be Parker, he says.

Well, he could be right. I mean, I’ve been preoccupied lately with this doggy. The kids and I bond together walking, grooming and just playing with our new baby. And doing these stuff seem to give an over-all feel-good vibe to me.

Pets seem to have that stress-relieving effect. In fact holistic health practitioners recommend pet therapy. Among the benefits include prolonged life, reduced stress-induced symptoms, and decreased need for medical care. For those who are lonely and longing for companionship, pet therapy may work better than going to free dating online sites! Because pets are non-judgmental, and give unconditional love.

What do you think?

I think I agree with husband. Parker is turning me into a gentler, more patient tiger mom. 😀

How to housebreak dogs | Living with Parker

When the idea of getting a dog was first brought up by Hub… I notice it’s always Hub who comes up with these pet ideas… When he first brought up the pet-dog idea, I was the least enthusiastic. I told him and the kids many times over that if we were to get a dog, they will have to take care of it. I said I wasn’t into dogs. And the issue of how to housebreak dogs? There’s no way that I was gonna deal with that!

But guess who is now in the thick of all things Parker??? Corek!

One of the most challenging tasks of taking on a new dog is housebreaking. It’s the main reason why I’d rather have fish or a rodent than a pet that poops, pees and chews on furniture.

But thanks to technology, housebreaking dogs is now made easier with aids like this one –

how to housebreak dogs housebreaking aid

Zema Housebreaking Aid (costs around P250 per bottle) is easy to use. Just spray a bit of the liquid onto a piece of paper or training pad. Let your dog sniff the piece of paper or pad and put it on the area where you want the dog to do its thing.

For Parker, it seems to work. I put the piece of paper sprayed with the liquid on a corner, and he has been going to that corner consistently. I kinda regret, however, assigning the corner because it’s near the dining table! I’m thinking the bathroom is a better idea.

I am also reading up on housebreaking tips online. This article is very helpful. Some tips that I find helpful: Continue reading How to housebreak dogs | Living with Parker

Pet hunting for the best family dog

We are looking for the best family dog. Well, because hub and I think the kids are old enough to share in the responsibility of owning a dog. At first, I wasn’t for it, because honestly, I’d rather take care of a fishtank than a pet that drools, poops, and bites.

But then again, why not? Dogs are affectionate, loyal, protective. On the other hand, fish are boring (no offense, Nemo) and mortality rate (at least under my hands) is high!

Plus, I don’t have to do DIY grooming anymore, as there’s a pet grooming shop in the next-door village. There are a lot of dog accessories now that will make pet-life so much easier and more fun. (I went ahead and browsed the net and found these cute pet beds – I didn’t know they now come in all shapes and kinds!)

So we are now on our third week of pet hunting for the best family dog that will suit my kids. Every weekend since three weeks ago, we’ve gone to the pet hubs in Metro Manila – from Tiendesitas’ Pet Village to good ol’ Cartimar in Pasay, and even to the Arranque Market on Recto! (I pity the poor state of the animals at Arranque, by the way. Boo. 🙁 )

In between weekends, I lurk in Philippine pet forums searching classifieds and reading experiences of pet owners.

So far, on top of our choices are:

akita inu best family dog

(Image by Norieli Teixeira)

Akita Inu. Obviously because of that movie “Hachiko” that’s been on at HBO Asia. Besides, we saw an adorable akita pup when we went to Tiendesitas – it was really gentle and cuddly and just too cute. However, my vet-cousin says they shed a lot (not good for Nate’s skin asthma), howl a lot, and because they are mainly guard dogs, aggression could be a problem.

Rottweiler. Despite the negativity the rottie has gotten in the news, touted as the number one killer-dog in the US (according to my cousin)… Haay, yes, husband still wants one. I’m not too keen on a rottie, because I have a young son whose kakulitan could possibly provoke it to anger. And even if dog experts say the rottie is really gentle and loving and loyal, I don’t think I’d risk it.

Goldren Retriever. It seems like the perfect choice – cheerful, intelligent, gentle with children. It’s a medium shedder, though, so that could be a problem for Nate’s skin asthma. A labrador has these similar characteristics too – including the shedding. Either of these two could be our best family dog. Hmm.

bichon frise best family dog

Husband wants medium- to big-sized dogs. Personally, I’d like a small dog – a maltese or shi-tzu or a Bichon Frise. Don’t let the long hair fool you – these breeds are actually light shedders.

(Image by BackyardBirderWa) Continue reading Pet hunting for the best family dog

Gift idea: Banding with Jelly Bandz

The Jelly Bandz phenomenon is now in the Philippines!

Last week, I received in the mail a package from Jelly Bandz, a fashion craze among kids today. Jelly Bandz, in fact, is listed in Amazon’s Top 10 best-selling toys and games.

My kids eagerly tore up the package and tried some on:

They are cute! And yes, these Jelly Bandz do make great conversation pieces among the kids. My ever-sociable dear V made a new friend at the playground because of her Jelly Bandz. (Well, V always makes new friends nga naman pala, hehe)

As expected, V loved the Jelly Princess collection, while Nate was very amused with the Dinosaur-shaped bands. The themes, such as numbers, animals and fruits, add an educational dimension to the bands.

Oh yeah, Nate, as most of you know, has skin asthma. He would usually get rashes from prolonged skin contact with irritants like rubber. Guess what? His skin had no reaction with Jelly Bandz. It’s probably because the bands use good-quality rubber, which is also the reason why the bands do not easily go out of shape.

Jelly Bandz are a great Christmas gift idea for young kids over 3. At just Php49.00 per pack of 12 bands, these cute and fashionable accessories (either for the wrists or the hair) will be loved by your kids, your nephews and nieces, your friends’ kids and your kids’  friends.

Continue reading Gift idea: Banding with Jelly Bandz