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Only the good: Positive blogging

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I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions so I rarely make any.

This year, though, I resolve to do this: I will post only about positive things and thoughts in my blog and social networks. I’ve had my share of rant posts in the past (it could be the age, y’know) and, looking back, they aren’t very pleasant to read. Reading about rants and complaints drags people down.

I need to remind myself more often that negativity is a very strong force – stronger than positivity. And the more I talk, think, post negatively, the more negative forces I attract to myself. I want a good year for my family and loved ones, so I will talk, think, post only about positive things –  the law of attraction!

Not all are innately optimistic, and the attitude takes a lot of cultivating. So share with me – what’s your strategy in keeping your mind positive?

Here’s to positive blogging!

Paper cranes for 2013

paper cranes origami

Vera’s paper cranes – she recently discovered the joy of origami.

Hi there, everyone! Happy New Year!

The holiday rush, as usual, got the best of me so Christmas came and went without any updates on the blog. The Christmas holidays have been a time of catching up with family and old friends. As usual, the family spent Christmas in Baguio. It’s that time of the year that my kids (sige na nga, ako rin) eagerly look forward to. This year, I especially looked forward to going home to Baguio because of scheduled reunions with dear old friends from high school.

I continued going to the gym. I lost six pounds, and gained back one during the Christmas break, but that’s okay. I’m not bopping myself on the head for that. I’m back at the gym, and ran my first 5k for the year on the treadmill today. I’m pretty sure I will lose that one pound soon, along with the excess 20+.

And oh, yeah. Remember my Christmas wishlist? Hub and the kids granted my wish for new running shoes and a gym bag! Their gift means so much to me, not only because I really wanted the stuff, but because the kids actually shelled out money from their savings. I love my thoughtful kids.

The year is off to a good start. And I am sharing with you V’s paper cranes, along with wishes for my family, friends and all of you who read this blog –

Good health, abundance, happiness, peace, and everything that is good in 2013!


Why hello there, blog! (v. 5.4.1)

It’s a chilly December morning in Metro Manila, and I am loving every moment of it… Oh yeah, I have a blog! Lemme check on it…

For the __nth time, I’ve totally neglected my blog. Boohoo.

So I am finding this time to do a quickie. (Hmm, not my favorite term, by the way. 😀 Do a quick search and you will find only one other post with “quickie” in it hehe.)

I honestly have not even visited my own blog in weeks! I was expecting it to be dead in terms of traffic. But wow, thank you, readers for keeping my blog traffic alive!

There aren’t new blog posts, but if you could click on the “Archives” and “Categories” here to the right —->, you’ll find that there are over 5 years’ worth –  5 years! – of blog entries. Well, yeah, some are just nonsense stories about my kids, others are recipes and food places you might find interesting.

So what’s been keeping me so busy? Yes, I am still tsupernanay (translation: chauffeur extraordinaire) to my kids. On top of that, I’ve taken on a really nice work-from-home job that I enjoy so much. Suffice it to say that I Tweet and Facebook (v.) for a living. Hmmm, not actually for my whole family’s “living” (that is husband’s job), but I get decent pay and love, love, love, love what I do!

Okay, I’ll end this post before it gets any more random.

And in case I disappear again into my work cave and forget to greet you, let me be the first to say:

Merry Christmas! Fill your hearts with love, joy and positivity. Enough with the hate and biatching- there’s too much of that already. 😛

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ~Marianne Williamson

(I hope to be back though – I haven’t posted my wishlist yet!)

Double dose of funny quips

In this blog, there’s a category I dedicated to V called “V Quips”. It’s all about her witty and funny remarks.

Well, she doesn’t stand alone now in the funnies category. Nate’s vocabulary and speech talents have grown in the recent months by leaps and bounds.

Here’s a couple of the duo’s recent riot lines.


V, memorizing a Bible verse for Christian Education test. She quotes a verse in Isaiah, with feelings and actions: “All the grasses may wither and the flowers may fall, but your word shall remain forever.” (imagine her dramatic way of talking and acting.)

She pauses, with an discontented look. “Hmmmm, you know, Mom, it should be: All the grasses may wither and the flowers may fall, but your word shall remain for all. That sounds better, right? It should rhyme…”


(I posted this on my Facebook profile, but I wanted to share it here.)

I hear Nate getting back from his afternoon walk with the neighborhood kids. He races up the stairs and into our bedroom where I was napping. With twinkling eyes and that adorable smile (this little boy will break a lot of hearts), he gives me two gumamela flowers:

Nate to me: “For you! Put it on your ears… I know you love pink… Don’t let it die!”

And the punchline, with a half-wink (he still can’t do a full wink): “Papa never give(s) you flowers…”

All together now: *aawwwwww*

Enter, Miss V to burst the bubble… “You know,  sioti (little brother), Mom’s favorite color is blue. She hates pink.”

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Parker – before and after

My bunso, Parker, has grown in leaps and bounds in the past months. We got him in March when he was just almost 3 months old – cute and cuddly. Today, he is a few days over 9 months. Still cuddly, but no longer cute. He is BIIIIIIIG!

I thought I’d share this before and after photo below. Both pics were taken by daughter Patch. On the left was when Parker first visited the village park in March. On the right was a photo taken a few days ago at the same park.

Even if he slobbers and drools and could almost knock us down when he jumps on to us… even if he chewed on the car’s mudguard (please not the tires, or else should we get big, thick ATV Tires??) and all the table legs’ corners, aaaack, we don’t regret having Parker one bit.

Parker is a sweet little big boy. I look forward to coming home because he would always run towards the gate when he hears me honk. Parker looks forward to hub’s coming home more than anyone else though. That’s because Hub, and only he, lets Parker chew on his arm!

Hay, time flies. 🙂