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Banana Peel Flip Flops for fashionable feet

I remember buying my first pair of Banana Peel flip flops many years ago at a department store. Back then, Banana Peel was a new brand, with simple designs. What I liked (and made me buy) were the cute prints and vibrant colors that set Banana Peel apart from the rest of the others on the tsinelas rack.

Fast forward to today, Banana Peel is a proud Philippine brand that is quickly capturing the market with its trendy and chic designs. Banana Peel flip flops now has a full line for women, men and kids.

The nice folks at Banana Peel recently sent me a few pairs from their new collection. The kids and I were happy with our new pairs of Banana Peels.

Banana Peel flip flops

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Robinsons Red Hot Sale | My fab bargain finds

I haven’t been to Robinsons Galleria in a long while. That’s mainly because I live a bit far now. But for the Robinsons Red Hot Sale, I would gladly travel the distance!

I remember when my family lived in San Juan and Mandaluyong – I’d go really early for Galleria’s sale events because, as I had often heard other people say back in the day,  “pag nag-sale ang Robinsons, totoong sale!”

And yes, it still is the case…

So I was at Robinsons Galleria recently for its Red Hot Sale and had some really good finds at the Department Store.

Robinsons Red Hot Sale

Even better – the  Robinsons Red Hot Sale is mallwide, most shops are on sale up to 70% off. Continue reading Robinsons Red Hot Sale | My fab bargain finds

Gift idea: Banding with Jelly Bandz

The Jelly Bandz phenomenon is now in the Philippines!

Last week, I received in the mail a package from Jelly Bandz, a fashion craze among kids today. Jelly Bandz, in fact, is listed in Amazon’s Top 10 best-selling toys and games.

My kids eagerly tore up the package and tried some on:

They are cute! And yes, these Jelly Bandz do make great conversation pieces among the kids. My ever-sociable dear V made a new friend at the playground because of her Jelly Bandz. (Well, V always makes new friends nga naman pala, hehe)

As expected, V loved the Jelly Princess collection, while Nate was very amused with the Dinosaur-shaped bands. The themes, such as numbers, animals and fruits, add an educational dimension to the bands.

Oh yeah, Nate, as most of you know, has skin asthma. He would usually get rashes from prolonged skin contact with irritants like rubber. Guess what? His skin had no reaction with Jelly Bandz. It’s probably because the bands use good-quality rubber, which is also the reason why the bands do not easily go out of shape.

Jelly Bandz are a great Christmas gift idea for young kids over 3. At just Php49.00 per pack of 12 bands, these cute and fashionable accessories (either for the wrists or the hair) will be loved by your kids, your nephews and nieces, your friends’ kids and your kids’  friends.

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Shoes are made for walking

That is my guiding principle when shopping for shoes – always go for comfort over anything else.

My current lifestyle as drayber mom, anyway, doesn’t require much dressing up.

As a result, I now realize that my shoes are mostly flats, flip flops, and open-toed sandals. I do have one pair of kitten heels – only two inches high at that. I thought they were going to be comfy because they’re the jelly type, but my feet get sore after just a few hours on them.

So now all the more I am convinced – beautiful shoes should feel great on the feet. All day. Yes, call ’em beautifeel shoes.

When my future shoe designer finally grows up, I’m going to ask her to make me some beautiful shoes. 😛

Fun, fun, fun at Sandalias Festival 2010

Okay, this blogger was on a roll last weekend, attending two events two days in a row. (That’s kinda rare for me, because drayber duties come first, wifey duties second [second lang oh, haha!], and freelance jobs third; there’s often little time and energy left for events.)

Anyhoo… Last Saturday, I went to the cooking demo where I got the squash pasta recipe.

The following day, Sunday, I trooped down to Trinoma with my two girls for a grand event – the Sandalias Festival 2010.

We were greeted by a very festive and energetic mood,  as guests were treated to nail art, glitter tattoos,  foot massages, and the fun photobooth. Very apt for the theme “Step Into Some Love.”

Patch was in high spirits too, she went and climbed the Rider Wall –

Steps Dance Project did a spectacular dance number showcasing different designs of Ipanema, Ipanema GB, Grendha, and Rider. It was amazing how the footwear, despite being tsinelas, were comfy and flexible enough to be worn with the complicated dance steps the group did! I felt like it was a dance-number-slash-fashion-show.

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