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Math and Reading Workbooks from K5 Learning

Hello, moms and dads! I know most kids are off school now,  and happily enjoying their summer breaks. My kids still have classes till April, ugh. I am counting down to the end of this school year!

Math and Reading Workbooks from k5 Learning web bookstore

Anyway, the good folks at sent me an offer for free Math and Reading workbooks.  I got a Grade 4 Multiplication workbook for my son, which will be perfect to prepare him for next year. (Suffice it to say that my son is not very talented in the numbers department… Parang mana sa akin haha 😀 ) Continue reading Math and Reading Workbooks from K5 Learning

Online Math and Science Tutorials at K5 Learning

I got an email recently from K5 Learning, a Canada-based online learning site. K5 Learning online tutorials has reading and math programs for kindergarten to grade 5 students. They offered me (well, my son) a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their Online Math and Science Tutorials program.  I found it a good opportunity for Nate, since it’s summer vacation and the extra learning will definitely go a long way when he goes back to school in June.

k5 online math and english tutorials

If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their  open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.

I will be back after 6 weeks with my review of the online math and science tutorials program.

Chinese language summer camp at Dash

If you live in the New Manila, San Juan or Pasig areas, and want your kids to learn Chinese this summer, enroll them at Dash Chinese Language Summer camp.

Chinese language summer camp at DashSince 2009, Dash has been offering the Summer Fun program to kids ages 2 to 12. And year after year, the kids come back because they probably enjoy it. Maybe it doesn’t feel like school at all. Continue reading Chinese language summer camp at Dash

Learning Abacus Mental Math

My 5-year-old Nate is enrolled at Active Ambassadors Academy (AAA), a fairly new pre-school in the New Manila, Quezon City area that’s in its second year of operation. Part of its curriculum is Abacus Mental Math.

One of the main reasons why I chose to keep him here in this small school is the Chinese education. (I blogged about it here and here.)

Another good reason is its MiKids Program with integration of Abacus mental math into the Math subject. I first saw a demo by kids who have been on the Abacus program during a get-together with a few mommy bloggers at AAA. The Abacus kids were adding and subtracting a series of 3-digit numbers mentally and giving the answer as soon as the teacher finished dictating the series of numbers! Amazing!

abacus mental math
I captured this image from the video I took. I will post the video here are soon as I get better net connection and am able to upload it on YouTube.

Continue reading Learning Abacus Mental Math

Back-to-school blues: Developing study habits

For most parents, it’s back to the usual grind – waking up early in the morning to get the kids ready for school, getting tired kids to sit still through evening review sessions, and going to bed with the next morning in mind.

Just writing that paragraph is already stressful!

But half of the stress can be dealt with once our kids become independent and are able to study by themselves.

I am lucky with Patch, the eldest, because I began letting go and letting her study by herself at Grade 3. Early on, she was able to form her study habits and today, I have no problems with her. With my guidance (minimal, at that), she manages her time between studies and volleyball, her sport.

Patch’s independence is a huge relief because I can focus more on V, who still needs a bit more prodding and pushing. As much as possible, though, I try not to spoon-feed her anymore. Now in Grade 4, I think she should be able to study by herself already. Last year, I rarely had to make reviewers and drill sheets for V… And I think she did just fine. By “fine”, I mean no failing grades.

They key is developing study habits. (Here are the Top 5 Study Habits according to Mom Center Philippines.)

One thing I learned about parenting through the years is surrendering expectations. Having too high expectations from our kids can be a major source of stress.

Don’t get me wrong: it is good to set goals and standards for our kids to achieve. It is good to challenge their abilities and aim to be better. But I don’t think it’s good to overdo it and stress ourselves and our kids over exam results. It’s good to teach them the values of hard work and excellence. It’s good to push them. It’s not good to push them way, waaaaay beyond their limits.

Of course I pale in comparison to Amy Chua, but I used to be a Tiger mom. My kids and hub might disagree and say I still am. But I think I’ve mellowed a lot already.

Ideally, I think parents should learn to find the balance between being laid-back and tigerish. And yes, more effort on helping their kids develop study habits early on. They may not appreciate it now, but your kids will thank you for it later.

How did/do you help your kids develop study habits?