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I’m back!

Wow! It’s still Christmas here??! 😛

I can’t believe how this year’s first quarter just zoomed by! And how I have totally neglected this blog.

Work is what got in the way.

Work-from-home perks: working in pajamas and in the company of Parker 😀

I am thankful, though, for being blessed with a home-based job. In the past 5 months, I realized how lucky stay-at-home moms are today, because they have opportunities that were not available 10 years ago. I’m talking about online jobs that run the gamut from writing, blogging, managing social networks, customer service, and virtual assistants. Home-based jobs are ideal for moms like me who have kids and a home to take care of, but still want to keep a job. I will blog (fingers crossed!) about this on another day.

Anyway, I’m so back. I wanted to renew my commitment to blogging because it’s this blog, after all, that has led to a lot of opportunities for me. And I miss blogging! I miss sharing with you my inanities and randomness. I miss going to events! Hopefully I’d be able to manage my time better and update this blog at least once a week.

I want to send a special shout-out to those who have been visiting and leaving comments despite the obvious inactivity around here. Thank you! 🙂

Meet my web nanay!

I haz a web nanay!

…And she is pretty strict. Whenever I attempt to play when I’m supposed to be working, she tells me:

Chrome nanay
Chrome nanay

Friends, meet Chrome Nanny, my web nanay.

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Going Organic with Human Heart Nature

I really did not mean for it to turn this way.

All I wanted was to try out some products and perhaps give away a few to friends for post-Christmas.

But when I went to the Human Heart Nature office (which is just around where I live), the person who entertained me got me to sign up as a distributor! For a few hundred pesos, I went home that day with a stash of trial-size products and a 20-percent-off privilege with each purchase. Plus, the opportunity to earn while enjoying organic beauty products.

Madali lang naman akong kausap so okay, I gave it.

Because my initial experience with the trial packs was good, I went back for more yesterday. Here’s my organic beauty loot (trip 1 plus trip 2 minus stuff I gave away to friends already, hehe) –

100ml Citronella bug spray, 50ml jar of strawberry-scented goat’s milk body butter (new!), 500ml moisturizing shampoo in Mandarin scent, 100ml jar of lemongrass and brown rice body scrub, 200ml mango-mandarin conditioner, 50ml bottles of hand sanitizers in strawb and watermelon scents, a watermelon lip balm for me, tomato & lemongrass facial wash and toner, kids’ aloe vera shampoo in watermelon scent, superfruits and black rice facial scrub, sunflower and papaya day face moisturizer, and royal jelly-aloe vera night face moisturizer.

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Earn with PayPal Wishlist

Here’s a real quick and easy way to earn a few bucks… about USD100 to be exact.

Simply create your wishlist using PayPal Wishlist application on Facebook. For just signing up, you get one dollar already. For each user that signs up through you, you also get a dollar!

For the wishlist, you can choose among savvy gadgets (no camcorder in the inventory yet, though), fab beauty stuff and fashion accessories, home gadgets (me likey the Osim massage chair), books and even dream vacations.

Click here to create your wishlist and start earning those easy bucks now. 🙂

This promo runs until December 31st. Terms and conditions are here.

Proud to be a Pinoy Nuffnanger!

Last Saturday, on the way home from The Fort after having dinner with ex-colleagues, I finally saw the huge electronic billboard of Nuffnang along EDSA that says: hello, bloggers. It gave me that warm feeling all over, because bloggers are gaining more popularity and public acceptance in the Philippines.

Nuffnang is the phenomenal brainchild of two young Singaporean/Malaysian entrepreneurs launched in early 2007. It is the first and now the biggest blog advertising community in Asia.

I’ve seen the Nuffnang badge in other Asian blogs, and now my blog proudly wears it. Being a Nuffnanger has its sweet perks too!

Joining Nuffnang will open more avenues for me to earn while doing what I love best –  blogging. All Filipino bloggers are welcome to join. Just go to to sign up.