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SERDEF: Help for startups and small enterprises (SMEs)

Do you often find yourself mulling over a business idea, but not knowing how to get started? Are you employed, but now want to spend more time with your family while still being productive? Are you one of those who believe that entrepreneurship is the way to a “better life”?

Before my husband became a businessman, he worked several years as an employee. Like most entrepreneurs-at-heart, however, he started feeling discontented and wanted to be his “own boss.”

And so he ventured out on his own.

He had several business ventures; most were initially successful. But somehow, something always turned bad and the businesses became unsustainable. In short, lugi. In fact, it was lugi x 4. Four businesses – all flops.

But he never gave up. He firmly believed that when you are down – deep, deep, deep, deep, deeeeeeep down (no, I’m not exaggerating, we got that low) – there is no other way but up.

With this mantra, he persisted and kept looking for business opportunities.

Our business today has to do with the construction industry. It is doing fairly good now, though it wasn’t like this when we started 4 years ago. The first 4 years were bumpy and full of challenges – not encouraging at all. But my hub, he just kept on.

Aside from his indomitable spirit, hub would not have made it this far if not for help from financial institutions, business partners and friends who supported him.

And that is what I am writing about today: help for startups and small enterprises.

SERDEF help for startups and small enterprises

SERDEF: Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation

Businessmen who are just beginning need all the help they can get. Likewise, SMEs (small/medium enterprises) constantly need assistance in financing, training manpower, improving technologies – essentially, at getting better in what they do.

That is why there is SERDEF. Continue reading SERDEF: Help for startups and small enterprises (SMEs)

Organic Bath Products from Human Nature

So I signed up with Human Nature a few weeks ago, and now I have a quite extensive stash of the products at home.
Human Nature shampoo conditioner body butter

My family has been using the mandarin/aloe vera moisturizing shampoo/body wash (Php249.75/500 ml pump bottle) and the mango butter conditioner (Php99.75/200 ml bottle) – the whole family except V (and Nate because he can only use Cetaphil due to skin asthma). V’s head sweats excessively and, as it is, it kinda always smells sour. Teehee. This shampoo is mandarin-scented, adding a sweet-sour scent to her head. So, no, this shampoo isn’t for V. 🙂 Maybe I will try the aloe vera-chamomile or banana next time.

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Going Organic with Human Heart Nature

I really did not mean for it to turn this way.

All I wanted was to try out some products and perhaps give away a few to friends for post-Christmas.

But when I went to the Human Heart Nature office (which is just around where I live), the person who entertained me got me to sign up as a distributor! For a few hundred pesos, I went home that day with a stash of trial-size products and a 20-percent-off privilege with each purchase. Plus, the opportunity to earn while enjoying organic beauty products.

Madali lang naman akong kausap so okay, I gave it.

Because my initial experience with the trial packs was good, I went back for more yesterday. Here’s my organic beauty loot (trip 1 plus trip 2 minus stuff I gave away to friends already, hehe) –

100ml Citronella bug spray, 50ml jar of strawberry-scented goat’s milk body butter (new!), 500ml moisturizing shampoo in Mandarin scent, 100ml jar of lemongrass and brown rice body scrub, 200ml mango-mandarin conditioner, 50ml bottles of hand sanitizers in strawb and watermelon scents, a watermelon lip balm for me, tomato & lemongrass facial wash and toner, kids’ aloe vera shampoo in watermelon scent, superfruits and black rice facial scrub, sunflower and papaya day face moisturizer, and royal jelly-aloe vera night face moisturizer.

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Odd Job

A few weeks back, my husband and I were just talking. We got to the subject of his (long-lost) friends. He says it’s been a while since he saw them. But he did get to talk to two of his younger ka-berks.

I asked if they have found gainful employment. Hub said yes, gainful but shady.

How so?

They are being paid to gamble.


These two, who were billiard hustlers, are now professional gamblers!


A casino owner hired them to gamble in the casino all day. They are paid Php500 per day. All their winnings, if any, are theirs.


I really don’t see the point. I’m pretty sure these two are being used for some kind of tactic being employed by the casino. But I don’t quite get it.

Really odd, eh?

Financing Your Home

Whether it’s the home you’ve always dreamed of, or you’re settling for something more affordable, most of us need financial assistance in building our homes. Banks offer home loans, but with increasing inflation, interest rates are expected to go up. Most real estate developers also offer in-house financing, some even have zero-interest rates for the first year or two. And then there are mortgage lenders which offer a varied array of services, from fixed rate loans, to FHA loans and refinancing.

When getting home loans through any of these options, the most important thing is to always read the fine print.