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Math and Reading Workbooks from K5 Learning

Hello, moms and dads! I know most kids are off school now,  and happily enjoying their summer breaks. My kids still have classes till April, ugh. I am counting down to the end of this school year!

Math and Reading Workbooks from k5 Learning web bookstore

Anyway, the good folks at sent me an offer for free Math and Reading workbooks.  I got a Grade 4 Multiplication workbook for my son, which will be perfect to prepare him for next year. (Suffice it to say that my son is not very talented in the numbers department… Parang mana sa akin haha 😀 ) Continue reading Math and Reading Workbooks from K5 Learning

Krispy Kreme Green Hornet Doughnuts

Yo, Krispy Kreme fans! There’s something new for you at KK stores all over – the Krispy Kreme Green Hornet Doughnuts!

Krispy Kreme Green Hornet DoughnutsNate looks so delighted! These little surprise deliveries of sweet treats always delight my kids. (His shirt matches the doughnuts, but no, it isn’t a Green Hornet shirt. Guess what it is. :D)

These new glazed doughnuts are bubblegum-flavored with a surprising tinge of mint. The twist is just enough to give a bit of sting. Yep, Green Hornet it is!

Have you gone to see The Green Hornet movie in 3D? We haven’t yet, but we definitely will watch it in the coming days.

Don’t forget to bring along some Krispy Kreme Green Hornet doughnut snacks. This limited edition treat lasts only until February 13, so go get some! 😉


Coming soon to theaters: Tangled

When my kids and I saw the trailer of Walt Disney Picture‘s Tangled last year, it was automatically put in our nice-to-watch list. (Well, because it seemed funny, with a very-long-haired girl running around like that with a bandit and a horse.)

Luckily, daughter V and I had the awesome chance to preview the Digital 3D movie at the Columbia Pictures Preview Room in Shangri-la Mall last Saturday.

Tangled is the updated version of the fairytale about the long-haired girl, Rapunzel. In the old version, Rapunzel was part of an ex-deal that a couple had with a witch for the lettuce (!) he was caught stealing from the witch’s garden. The wife, while pregnant with Rapunzel, had a lettuce craving (weird, no?) and so the husband went to steal some from the witch’s garden. When the wife gave birth, the witch took Rapunzel and kept her in a tower in the middle of a forest. The only way in and out of there was through Rapunzel’s long hair. Eventually, a Prince found Rapunzel, and the fairy tale ends with them living happily ever after.

In Tangled, Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) is a princess who was kidnapped by an old lady, Mother Gothel, for her magical hair. The old fairytale was updated, modernized and beautifully twisted so that today’s kids will be able to appreciate it. Actually, even I liked it, and teared up a bit in some of the heart-breaking parts.

Okay, I know it’s just cartoons – we’re not supposed to take cartoons seriously, right? But I like the life lessons from the movie.

Continue reading Coming soon to theaters: Tangled

While I was driving… (Episode 2)

Saturday, on the way home from Mandarin classes.

The two girls were discussing what to do on this long weekend. (In celebration of the Lunar New Year, my kids have no school on Monday.)

Patch: I want to watch a movie! Can we go watch ‘Alice in Wonderland’?

V: No, I don’t like that, it’s scary. I want ‘Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief”! (kumpleto talaga!)

Me: I like ‘Alice in Wonderland’…

V: Nooooo! I’m scared of that…

Patch: Mas scary kaya ang Percy Jackson. Ang daming magagandang movies ngayon.

Me: There’s a movie on Avatar, the Last Airbender. Yan ang gusto kong i-watch!

V, Patch get excited, chuckling at the same time…

Me: Hindi ko man lang napanood yung Avatar…

Patch: Oo nga, andaming good movies pero we missed a lot. At least we watched Avatar.

V: Yeah, daming good movies. Avatar…

Patch: Sherlock Holmes…

V: I Love You, Goodbyeblech… *rolls eyes, sticks out tongue*

Smooth, V. Smoooooth! You see, I did not go with them to watch Avatar because I went instead to see I Love You, Goodbye with my sister and niece. Jologs ba? Even V knows it.

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Kung Fu, Wuxia, and Learning Mandarin

My kids’ fascination with kung fu movies started early this year, when my husband bought The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber series on DVD (Pinyin: Yi Tian Tú Lóng Jì. Simplified Chinese: ????? ). It is one of the famous Chinese fantasy martial art (wuxia) epics that my husband and his siblings grew up on. Continue reading Kung Fu, Wuxia, and Learning Mandarin