Can you guess what this is?

Come on, take a wild guess before clicking “Read the rest of this entry”. 😛

That’s a roll of tissue down the toilet!

The MagNate did this.  :-0

Lately, the bathroom has been one of his favorite hangouts. He likes to play with the faucet, unroll the tissue, flush the toilet… I hope he hasn’t been playing with the water in the toilet! Yikes.

But it’s the first time that he has ever done this. I mentioned in my last post about one of his quirks – throwing stuff into the trash can. This one is one of its modifications. 😀

This is just a sneak-preview into his terrible twos. More TT tales to come! (Patikim palang, kumbaga!)

11 thoughts on “Can you guess what this is?

  1. hahaha! now you’re going to need one of those locks that seals toilet lids. di bale kung naglalaro lang ng tubig dyan, pano kung naisipang tikman? eeew!

  2. LOLz at Rach’s guess. me naman, I thought it was brazo de mercedez na may choco filling inside. 🙂

    be ready with those terrible two quirks, Chats.

  3. LOL, natawa ako sa Oreo fantasy ni Rach at sa brazo de mercedez with matching choco filling (ispecifik ha, CHOCO) ni feng. 😛

  4. hahaha.. i thought this was something edible , like your new creation 😉 baked ek ek.. yikes! goodluck with the TT

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