Calling All WordPress Lovers!

*UPDATE, 08/13/08: The list of WordCamp sponsors has been updated. See below.*

It was love at first sight – the moment I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Setting up my blog from scratch took a lot of contemplative time and difficult reading… Yeah, I did the Codex, man. But I loved every bit of the challenge! Once I got past that, almost everything was a breeze. I realized that one doesn’t have to be a techno-freak to figure out WordPress, after all! (or, am I speaking too soon???)

There’s still a lot to learn though – lots of mysterious codes to figure out, tips and tricks to be explored. I’m aware that I haven’t maximized my WP experience yet.

So when I heard that the very first WordCamp in Southeast Asia is happening in the Philippines, I decided I wasn’t going to miss it for ze world!

WordCamp Philippines 2008 is a venue for WP users to learn how-tos and be updated on new developments. For me, this is great, as I’d like to know answers to some of my questions. Of course, it will also be a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers.

So, whether you’re a WP newbie like me, or a tech-geek who is into web development, you might want to join the WordCamp. It’s happening on September 6, 2008 (Saturday) at the Augusto-Rosario Gonzalez Theater, College of Saint Benilde in Manila. Register for free here. Slots are limited so hurry if you really want to go.

This event is organized by the same group that made the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit in 2007 happen, and generously sponsored by the following:


Question: Will there be safe parking there? I’ve got comprehensive car insurance, but I wouldn’t want anything bad happening to my dear Ackie (okay, that’s her name… since NOW 😛 ).

3 thoughts on “Calling All WordPress Lovers!

  1. This sounds like a great opportunity. I used to be on WP, but decided to try blogger. I find blogger easy, but limited. Let me know WordCamp goes. Have fun!

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