Call of nature at Nature Valley Run

A much as possible, I try to avoid peeing during runs because of those atrocious portable toilets / portalets. I dread entering those plastic boxes even for just a few seconds! Ugh.

But the call (of nature) was just too strong, and it kept pushing and pushing (at my bladder). And so had to I asked around and was pointed toward this area:


Wheeee! Andaming portalets! I thought: “Wow, okay ‘to! Which door to choose? Oh please please, let me be lucky…”

During the Run For Pasig River, there were two busy portalets to serve about 20,000 runners (excluding vagrants, tambays, palaboys who were curious about those brightly colored cubes). Imagine. Imagine the stink.

This time, at the Nature Valley Run, there were about 30 happy portalets to serve a number of runners a lot less than those of the Pasig River Run. So, “wheeee! Ang dami, salamat naman, no need to line up,” I thought happily.

But of course, why was I expecting to be pleasantly surprised, duh. It still stank. I really could not imagine why people sh!t in these places. OMG. There I said too much. Time to end this entry. 😛

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