Busy Busy Busy!

It is scorchingly hot in Manila the past days. I could not stay in this room where my PC is for long, as it is on the second floor and the heat gets unbearable in the afternoon. Hence, the excuse for my blog being silent recently.

My sister and her five children have also been staying with me for the past week or so. They are in the last stages of processing their US immigrant visas. So my kids and I are enjoying the company of my sister and kids while they are here. It will probably be many years from now before we see them again.

Picture with me the bottom of our stairs littered with piles of slippers (no slippers allowed upstairs)… Let’s see: there’s mine, my hubby’s, my 2 kids’, my sister’s, her 5 kids’… 10 pairs of tsinelas et.al. I shall not offer a visual but can you see it in your mind? Now let’s move on to the kitchen… Can you see the crazed cooking and washing and cleaning? LOL The kids are having so much fun since in their minds it must feel like an ongoing slumber/kiddie party everyday. So this is how it feels to have a huge household. Geez, I’m thankful hubby got a vasectomy already. 😛

My house-help situation has not been helpful at all too. My helper for many years, ateJ, left in March. Since then, it has been a frustrating cycle of searching-hiring-firing househelpers. I don’t know if I am too meticulous (I think not), but good help these days are a scarcity. I am hoping to find keepers by the time school starts in June. Just today, I fired the one I hired a week ago (she has a distinct smell that I do not think I could live with, plus she seems to be in perpetual slow-mo), and hired another. The new one I got today looks like a keeper to me. I’m hoping she is. Please pray with me!

[UPDATE: I seem to sound harsh on firing the helper this morning.  But I believe the reason for the distinct smell has got to do with hygiene.  And I’m not going to let her handle our food or clothes, much less my kids! any day longer… *shudders*]

Anyway, yes, the past weeks have been hectic, Ravioli! And much work looms ahead for me as yet another deadline for a major project bid we’ve been working so hard to win for months has been set by the owners. *sigh* No we have not won, but at least we’re still in the race.

And of course, I’m getting addicted to internet scrabble, thanks to annamanila! 😛

So is my silence justified? I promise to be back, though, with photos and maybe even a short post on our family reunion. (Yes! for the first time since 2000, our family was completed.)

6 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy!

  1. Hi Chateau. I agree, I’ve been feeling the terrible summer heat too. Air conditioning is a relief but don’t want to make it into a 24-hour habit or else I would get cranky when I get the bill.

    I could imagine the chatter and laughter in your house with your sister and her children. I hope you enjoy spending quality time with them.

    Happy weekend!

  2. The heat is unbearable! I’ve got the yaya texting me almost everyday that she’s taking her alaga to the mall just because it’s so hot! Looking forward the reunion pics. It’s always great to see family get-togethers.

  3. ay kaya naman pala super silent eh. well then, no more supporting explanations needed. we missed you though 🙂 i thought you went up to Baguio again. agree with you, super init indeed!

  4. Hi Rach! Our electric bill has been record-breaking since March, hubby got cranky when he read it haha! Happy weekend too!

    Hi May! Don’t you work just across SM? So isaac picks you up after work, or date kayo sa SM? sweet!

    Feng! How I wish we were in Baguio cooling off… I missed you all too. I’m back for now, hooray!

  5. Yup, just across SM! They both go the SM and I either meet them there after work or hubby picks them up and they drive over to my office and pick me up. Sweet nga, hehe.

  6. Mainit nga talaga sa atin ngayon, kawawa yung mga walang AC.

    Wordbiz is really addicting!

    Hi Mitchteryosa! This summer must have been one of the hottest we’ve had ever… You play on ISC too? Hope to see you soon 🙂

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