Busy Baguio Weekend

On Saturday noon, I was on my way to Baguio with my sister and her husband aboard a Victory Liner deluxe bus. This bus features a stewardess, snacks (consisting of one piece of cupcake and bottled water), wider seats, and a lavatory. The stewardess for this trip could pass for inflight crew… She recited the “welcome aboard” speech better than most PAL or CEB flight attendants I’ve encountered. What I like with these trips is that they’re non-stopping, which means we travel faster.

Anyway, the excuse purpose of my trip was mainly to help out in the grand opening of my sisters’ accessory shop, GRAyCES from G. Fresh from the bus, we headed straight to the shop where our parents, sisters, and 2 other “adopted sisters” 😛 were busy working. We stayed to fix up the place, put tags on stocks, list them in the inventory and arrange the display. We finished at around 2 am. Did we do a good job?




The sisters (minus 2) – uncombed hair, greasy faces, tired from the hustle-and-bustle, but still flashing that smile!


As usual, the sisters slept at 4am. We just could not help it – chatting till daybreak has become one of our reunion rituals! We had to stop talking and go to sleep, as the store’s grand opening will be in a few hours’ time – 10:30 am. So with barely 4 hours of sleep, we were up and out again at the store making last-minute preps.

Everything went smoothly, despite the emergency situation the night before, involving the priest (or the lack thereof) who will conduct the dedication ceremony. Thanks to tita E.B, who was able to find a priest at the last minute!


The flying sister Ravi with her husband Cap. Too bad the flying sister Davi was, well, flying.



Do you hear the excited buzz of girls gone gaga over GraYces? 😛


Find the two adopted sisters… 😀

At the end of the day, sales were 5x the daily average for the past 2 weeks that the store has been on dry-run operations. Success! To celebrate, sister Ravi treated us all to massage at BodyTunes Spa (except for mom and dad who chose, as usual, to play Bingo instead). Ravi and I opted for the foot spa.

iMoM: This is bliss!

Ravi: This is an emergency! (Read: feet badly need the scrub LOL)

Sisters E-mac and Shiraz, and kuya Cap had body massages. Shiraz, who is almost 6 months pregnant, was relaxed by the soothing pre-natal massage. What a wonderful way to end a tiring yet successful day.

If you find yourself walking on Session Road in Baguio City one of these days, please drop by our store, GRAyCES from G, on the 2nd floor of Porta Vaga Annex.


Welcome Two New Family Members!

1. The first one is Chill, E-mac’s other baby (the first one being Mr. Blanco 😛 ). Chill is a sweet and adorable 6-month old beagle who goes wag-crazy upon seeing his mom master. I’m sure my kids will be thrilled when they see him!



2. Shiraz is having a baby boy, due to be out some time in June. Hooray for the addition of another rare baby boy to the family! He will only be the 4th boy out of my parents’ 16 grandchildren. So is he going to be called Chito? 😛

10 thoughts on “Busy Baguio Weekend

  1. Oh that beagle is sooo cute! I’ve wanted a beagle for so long, but hubby wants a German Shepherd. Wala kaming mahanap na compromise, haha. I’ve heard about those luxury buses. How long did the trip to Baguio take? Sana they had better snacks 😀

    To Chats’ sisters – congrats on both the shop and the new boy apo 🙂

  2. Hey Sis!
    Thanks for featuring us in your blog!
    We always have so much fun having to do things in hustle yet things turn out, er…. purfecto! I haven’t yet recovered from that trip because as soon as I got back, I had to work… still working tomorrow and the day after!
    Thanks, sis for going to Baguio with us!
    And of course, thanks to all the rest of our sisters, adopted siztahs…. brothers-in-law for your understanding, input and support!
    Yup, 2 boys have added up to one big, funny, crazy world of girlz!
    Talk to you later, sis!
    PS….it’s GRAyCES from G. sorry if we missed to inform you of the change… thought you would have noticed the signage?????
    Gotta go work!
    Luv yah!

  3. Hi Christianne! The trip took 6 hours, but the midnight trip usually only takes 4-5 hours. Yeah nga eh, the snacks aren’t appealing at all.

    Tip to those who’d want to take this bus soon: Since it’s a non-stopping trip, there won’t be any time to buy food along the way, so buy extra snacks beforehand.

    Hey ateng! I failed to notice the changes in the store name.. Ayan, I corrected my post na. Magnate’s sick 🙁 diarrhea with some specks of blood. And he’s got nappy rashes too! wawa naman, i think he lost weight already. 🙁 Will wait for his next poop and bring it to the lab.

  4. Your sister’s shop looks cool! I’ll be sure to drop by there as soon as Holy Week’s over — hope she has stocks left.

    Yup the snacks on the De Luxe bus are pretty uninspired, but don’t you just love the cupholder? This allows me to bring up a Grande or any other diuretic beverage plus chips to munch on, knowing that there’s a restroom in the back (that I have hardly ever used) just in case. Well, local airline flights don’t even give snacks anymore…

  5. Hey sis!
    Twas a long and tiring day…. now I am low batt!
    Anyway, just to update you…. I will be going to FRA on the 1st so pls get your friend’s wishlist ready so that DVinc can bring it with her on the 31st. Pls also let Ma know that her appointment for her ID is at 7PM 31 Mar.
    gotta go…….battery dead!
    Aye, kiss the poopy Nate for me…. pray that he gets well soon!
    Lotsa luv

  6. Hello Lisa! I hope you will find something you like at the store 🙂 The bus i rode on the way down had no cup holders! I tried hard not to, but I had to use the lavatory. It was quite difficult holding on to the handrail with one hand while unbuttoning my pants with the other. There was water for the flush but none on the sink tap. eww. So tip no. 2: bring wet wipes or hand sanitizer!

    Hey sis rav! Nate has amebiasis! I wonder how he got it since he only drinks bottled water. Maybe from his bath water, so from now on we boil even his bath water. Wawa kasi his nappy rashes are sooo bad too, he cries at the slightest touch to his bummy.. 🙁
    We’re confused where to batu get ma’s ticket?? I will go shop for Toni’s goody list today IF she emails me right away.

    So: calling, calling Toni of Gluehwurm! I emailed you 🙂

  7. Goodluck with your shop! Will tell my friends/family about it too so they can visit your store and add some $$$ (can’t find the peso sign here) to your daily sales! Yup got the email about the goody exchange- sorry for answering late don’t know what happened to my yahoo (plus I was too tired too) and didn’t get your email last Wednesday since it was in the spam mail.

  8. Aw, Toni, am really so sorry for the glitch again in our goody exchange… hay.. such is life. 🙁

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