Blogging Your Way To Weight Loss???

This is the pointed question that I got from VGood this afternoon – 

V: Mom, are you really blogging your way to weight loss??? (with dramatic emphasis on “weight  loss”)

iMom: Yes, I think so. Why?

V (quietly, but with conviction): Liar.

iMom (almost furious): Huh?? What did you say??!??

V: How can you be losing weight when you’re sitting all day in front of the computer??

Uhhm. That makes sense. Thanks for the reminder, VGood (who, along with her cohorts, sometimes refers to me as the Computer Addict.)

(Warning: Segue ahead.)

The remark was brought on by the title of the article on Women’s Health-Philippines Magazine featuring moi Blogging Her Way to Weight Loss. V does not concur. hahaha 😀
Did I use the best diet pills to lose weight? Click on the article link to find out. 😉

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