Bloggers’ Party @ Taste Asia – SM Hypermarket

Last Thursday night, SM HypermarketMall Of Asia gathered about 400 bloggers for a huge party at Taste Asia. It was the first bloggers’ party that I ever attended. And for the first time, I realized how young the majority of Filipino bloggers are. Not that it mattered, because the PMN moms and I had fun just as the, uhmm, kids did! 😛

p1014778_edited-small.JPGCookie, who graciously hitched me a ride in her car, and I got to MOA at about 7:30 pm. There weren’t many people yet at the venue, but food and drinks were already starting to flow. A waiter offered us some cocktails and asked us what we’d like to drink. One of the choices was “green tea”, which I excitedly ordered. The refreshing green excited me all the more. But as it turned out, it was a cocktail mix of green tea extract and Ginebra San Miguel Gin! Thanks but no thanks. Diet Coke na lang please!


This was my dinner plate. I loved the pork barbecue (so tender and tasty) and baked mussels!

There was a CliqueBooth, which added more fun to the party! With Annamanila and Noemi dominating the scene, Cookie, Rowena, her sis Rhodora, and I had no choice but to try and squeeze in our faces. hehe 😛


With Cookie, Teacher Julie, Annamanila, Rowena, and Dine


With Anton of Our Awesome Planet and Cookie

The party was also the awarding night for winners of the SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest. The big winner was AnitoKid, who won a trip for two to Kuala Lumpur. Anton, above, won a digital camera for placing second, and Butch Dado (along with two others) a DVD player for placing third. My two friends, Dine and Annamanila, won kewl Nike sunglasses for their entries.

Everybody went home happy with nice goody bags. I got a bag of Sunsilk Shampoo and (possibly) one-year supply of Knorr Sinigang Mix! 😀 Thanks, SM Hypermarket, for organizing this fun event for bloggers.

21 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Party @ Taste Asia – SM Hypermarket

  1. It was so nice of you to be there. We should do it more often even if we are just moms.

    Yes, let’s! I actually felt young being with such a young crowd…

  2. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos of the event. I’m glad to see so many familiar faces. Hopefully, I can join you next time.

    You are looking good. All that time at the gym and diet must really be working great for you. Keep it up!

    I’m praying for Nate and hope everything will be fine. Take care!

    Hi Rach! I hope to see you soon in one of the EBs… Hey, thanks for noticing the , eherm, bodily changes, hehe. I hope too my Nate will be fine. Thanks for the prayers.

  3. Saw traffic coming to my site from yours, kabayan. Heard about the barbecue from my friends – talagang masarap nga raw. 🙂

    See you around, kabayan.

    Hi AnitoKid! Congrats again for the win.. BTW, akismet spammed your comment.. LOL

  4. Free ba yang mga Blogger’s parties na ganyan?

    Hi Mitch! This bloggers’ party was sponsored by SM Hypermarket… So yes, it’s free. 🙂

  5. wow that looks really fun, all that blogging turned out more than just blogging now. the perks! with parties and lunches, your social calendar can take away time from blogging. i’m glad you’re having such a great time. and when the flying rav indeed fly the skies of frankfurt again, maybe you can spare me a few of your one year supply sinigang mix 🙂 hmmm .. yummy.

    Hi there! Definitely, i will share you some of the Knorr sinigang mix. hehe.. Actually, cookie, julie and I were joking around that i’d probably win the sinigang mix… citing another blogger’s experience (of winning something he badly did not want to win)… Lo and behold, I got the sinigang mix, lol.. But hey, i’m not complaining! My kids and I love sinigang, esp with lots of gabi and kangkong.. and a bit of patis.. O ahno, naglalaway ka na? Sige, let’s hope the flying Rav flies there soon. 🙂

  6. Buti ka pa, you have blogged about the MOA bloggers event. I still have to catch my son so I can retrieve the Nike shades for a minute and pose for pics. hahaha I will soon get around to it … sanay naman ako na laging late magpost. Ay, that clique booth was amazing (like Dine’s imac cam di ba) and yes I had fun hogging the frame … ay kasi, first time to enter a clique booth. Pasensya na.

    Hope Nate is okay na. Maybe he is … since you had pause to post.

    Hi and good morning! This post was in the making since Friday… Finally today I was able to finish and post it. Nate is fine, I hope. The fevers are still on and off-ing. Went to MD this morning, and cause of fever remains unknown! :0 Lungs, throat are clear, poops normal. It could be viral daw. But if he’s not well by Monday night, his blood will be tested for dengue. Eekk! Please pray for him! ty 🙂

  7. Hi Chats!! Next time when they can provide us decent seats maybe we can take a swig or two of that “green tea” concoction. Hehehe. Mahirap na, nakatayo kasi tayo eh. I didn’t post na nga the pic I took of you with the bottle in hand. Baka magalit lang wizhart mo 🙂

    Great fun talaga!! Next time ulit 🙂

  8. Thanks for the great company, Chateau. I just hope we can have another EB soon! 🙂

    Hope everything went well with Nate. Take care!

  9. Hi Chats, am so glad to meet you. You’re prettier pala in person. I really had fun. Looking forward to another get-together. Or we can have it here in my place….

  10. Looks like fun! Buti pa kayo dyan may mga activities like this for bloggers.

    Oh, that food looks yummy!

    Hi Maping! Yeah, meeting bloggers is so much fun!

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