Blogger Woe, Blog-friend Win

Posting on Blogger has been very frustrating this weekend. I have been am still working on this post to make the images appear. The first time the ‘Add image’ button on the posting page did not work, I went on to do other things, thinking it was just a momentary glitch. I returned to my pending post and tried it once twice many times more, but still no upload. So I tried the ‘Blog This’ feature on Picasa. Still no image on my post. I tell myself: Ah, I’ll sleep on this. Maybe tomorrow Blogger’s done conking out.

This morning, I attempted to upload the images again. But still won’t do. I uploaded the images on Flickr and even made sure the photos are for public viewing. Nada. I exit Firefox and open Internet Explorer in the hope that this will would help. I clear the cache and cookies, even block some suspicious cookies. Wala pa rin. Naloloka na ako (It’s driving me crazy)!

These frustrating glitches, though, make winning a contest so much more appreciated.

Yesterday was the first year anniversary of Noemi’s blog, Touched By An Angel. And she wanted to thank all the visitors to her blog through a contest. The first three visitors who posted the correct answers to her trivia questions win a lifetime free premium webhosting space of 100 MB space /2 GB bandwidth and choice of top level domain name registration.

And I won! Thank you, Noemi!

Oh yeah! Uh-huh! Woo-hoo! *cartwheeling all over the place* (yeah right! at least in the virtual world, I can!)

So in spite of the frustration and frustration I am feeling towards Blogger or the root cause of my posting problem, there is hope. I am now in the process of learning how to migrate this blog into its future new, glorified state. To techies out there, your tips will be very helpful please.

I’m also creating a back-up of my blog, just in case things go really bad with Blogger even before I get a chance to move. Thanks to Peter Chen of Blogger Tips and Tricks, I found Blog Collector, a software that allows you to back-up and even create a book of your blog. I have downloaded the software and will complete installing it once I finish this post. (Update on 5:20 PM: It’s not working for me. It turns out that the free version which I downloaded has a limit for maximum number of entries. Bummer! I’m now trying HTTrack Website Copier. Let’s see if this works.)

A back-up of your blog is actually a very sensible thing to have. My sister-in-law, who read my blog and thought the idea of creating a journal for my future generations to read was inspiring, told me I should make a back-up. She pointed out that we never know what will happen in the future to those who host our blogs, and that no one else will treasure our valuable memories and articles but us. Surely, Blogger will not answer for lost blogs, will it? I cannot even find an email address to directly contact them about my recent troubles.

Having these problems with Blogger that I do and reading about those who actually LOST their blogs (as I read through the Blogger Help Group in search for answers to my own woes) made up my mind. I’m backing up my blog.

And yes, see you soon in the glorified ~iMoM~ home. 😀

12 thoughts on “Blogger Woe, Blog-friend Win

  1. congratulations for winning! am happy for you.

    and thanks for the idea about backing up blogs. now, i have to make “kulit” again to Jangelo, i don’t want to risk losing my blogs.

  2. Chats,

    I won, too! Yeheeey for us! I am also using a free blog and I didn’t know that there is a limit to the number of entries i can post. My winning at Noemi’s blog sure came at the right time. That means I have to bug daughter S to help me with the move.

  3. Hi Belle! Hooray, congrats to the two of us!
    What I meant that has a limit in uploadable size is Blog Collector Lite, a software which saves a back-up file of your blog. As far as i know, Blogger or Blogspot does not impose naman a limit to blog posts.
    Cheers to our win! 🙂

  4. Hi sexy mom! Thank you for sharing my happiness 😀
    Yes, it will do you much good to kulit your son about backing up your blogs.

  5. Congrats and thanks for dropping by my site:) do update moi when you’ve changed domains already. hapoy bloggin’ – ajay

  6. hi there. just dropping by from ajay’s site. anyway, i’ve thought about backing up my blog….still unclear if people will miss my blog if it disappears. hehe. congrats on winning the webhosting space. btw, nice to see another baguio native blogger. 🙂

  7. Hi Christianne! Sa totoo lang, i’m clueless as to how-to-batu start the new blog, hehe.

    Hi Ajay, Thanks for visiting!
    Hi Wil! It’s always great to find Baguio bloggers. I started my blog with my grandkids in mind- so they’d know how I looked like while alive, hehe.
    Update on the blog back-up: Blog Collector Lite did not work for me, maybe my blog was too big. I used HTTracker instead, and it worked well mirroring my blog. Only, it took about 4 hours!!

  8. Congratulations for winning the webhosting space. Exciting!

    I would love to back up my blog too but don’t know how. Maybe I should print out what I’ve written so far to have a hard copy of my online journal.

  9. HEYYYY! Are you moving to WordPress? Lemme tell you that it’s so much fun plus it has an autobackup of your posts. Since my blogger blogs had few entries, I did a manual back up and restoration.

    So your old visitors can find you, please keep this blog and put a link on the front page to your new blog.

    Working with Linux takes some getting used to but once you start, you will want to create more and more blogs because you can do so much with it.

  10. Hi Lisa! Yes, I’m moving to WordPress. But I really am clueless pa, still reading the tech blogs you must also be reading, and deciphering Codex! haha.. I’ve got to upgrade to WP 2.1.2 since the 2.1.1 has a bug daw.. Still haven’t figured out how to upgrade, or maybe i just did not put my mind to it yet. hmmm…
    So i really don’t know when i’ll be moving. 😛

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