Binondo food finds and drugstore loot

So the family went on a spontaneous Binondo trip last Sunday. Of course I brought home some Binondo food finds. 😀

Binondo food finds siomai fried siopao hopia kikiam

Here are my Binondo food finds from our morning trip to Binondo:
1. Fried Siopao. It’s not the typical steamed siopao. The meat filling is ground pork with kuchay and spices. One of my fave Chinatown treats. Yum!

2. Kikiam. fish and pork sausage that’s already been pre-“fried”.

3. Pork Siomai. The kids love this.

4. Hopia. My favorite hopia mungo is made by Kim Chun, an unknown shop along Soler Street. It’s got a very homemade taste (even the packaging, as you can see). I like it more than Eng Bee Tin. My hubby introduced it to me, but there’s no other way to buy it but come all the way to Soler. Too bad I could not buy loads of it because the shelf-life is only 1 week. Well, I’ll enjoy while it lasts!
5. Machang. Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. It may have meat, egg, water chestnuts, and sausage in it. The “egg”-less type is my hubby’s fave.

Binondo food finds Pei Pa Koa Mopiko itch cream

These are my kids’ remedies:
1. Pei Pa Koa (P200.00 for a 300ml bottle). A thick syrup that’s known to relieve the sorest throat and loosen the stickiest phlegm! I had my Patchy try it. She says it wasn’t bitter and was cool to the throat. About an hour after taking PPK, she had a coughing fit and taran! Her phlegm came loose. Try it, I think it does work. I’ve heard celebrities talk about it too. You can buy it at Watson’s, I think.

2. Mopiko (P100.00 for 1 small tube). It’s a Japanese brand, tried and tested by my MIL. It’s cool like liniment. The package says it is for itching, muscle pain, and insect bites. Let’s hope it works for VGood.

3. “She Zhi” (P50.00 for a small tube). The drugstore owner recommended it to be good for itchy-ootchies. So we bought it. If it doesn’t work, then it’s okay — it’s only 50 bucks anyway. When we got home, hubby read the brand (it only occured to him to read it just now! how clever!). Literally translated, it says “Snake Fat”. :-0

One thought on “Binondo food finds and drugstore loot

  1. Wow, what a delicious loot you have there! 😀

    I love siopao, kikiam, siomai and hopia too. Last time we went to Binondo, para kaming nag panic buying ng Eng Bee Tin products. ha! ha! We ended up giving some away.

    I miss eating shabu shabu in Binondo.


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