Big Ant!

The Magnate got this remote-controlled big ant from Tita A when angkong (grandpa) arrived from Taiwan last Sunday. Watch how amazed Nate is with the creepy-crawly-rolly creature! He tries very hard to run after it, but can’t seem to keep up. Very amusing toy – Thanks, A! The kids (and kids-at-heart hehe) love it.

(I took this video with my phone; the resolution is not very good as you can see… And I seem to be really preoccupied with Remix on Photobucket these days huh 😛) If you can’t view the video, please click here.

5 thoughts on “Big Ant!

  1. Hey Chateau,

    That is such a cool toddler toy! I’d have a fun time with it myself. hehehe… I read in your previous post that you spent a week here in Baguio… cool. The summer heat is upon us, although the hottest day in Baguio would probably the coldest day in Metro Manila.

    I am so checking out that feature of photobucket. 🙂

  2. omg, so cuuute!! I didn’t know photobucket had that feature. I enjoyed this one and the previous show of your Baguio vacation.

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