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Don’t get me wrong – I loved all the gifts I got this Christmas. Most of the gifts I got were well thought of, and I appreciate the effort that went with choosing and buying them.

But always there’s one that stands out, right? I’m sure you agree. It’s that gift that you wanted so much, wished someone would give you, but did not expect someone would because you were too shy to ask, and yet you end up getting it after all.
belle de jour planner 2010

This year, the standout gift for me is my Belle de Jour planner. I joined a blog contest that was doing a Belle de Jour planner giveaway. But of course I did not win, given my losing track record in online/offline contests. 😛

A dear friend, so sensitive and thoughtful, must have sensed I’d lose the contest, hehehe, because she went looking all over for the BDJ planner after Christmas. It was out-of-stock in all the National Bookstores she called. Finally, after New Year, she found one lonely copy so she set off quickly before someone else beat her to it.

It’s the effort, thoughtfulness and love that came with the gift that made it so special.

Thank you, annamanila, for the Belle de Jour Planner. I love it! And I am so using it already (the coupons too, teehee).

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