Beat the Summer Heat with Halo-halo

This week’s question from Julie:

What is your favorite ice cream flavor or ice cream concoction?

Being the true-blue Pinoy that I am, my answer would be halo-halo!

Iceberg halo-halo

It doesn’t matter if it’s halo-halo from Chowking or Razon’s or the neighborhood stand.

The one shown above is from Iceberg (costs around Php90+, and huge enough for sharing).

I love the leche flan that usually tops halo-halo – I’d eat it first before moving on to the delightful act of making halo the concoction. Mmmmm. My tummy is making rumbling sounds as I blog this. I think I’m going to the nearby Chowking, or Razon’s if the Technohub branch is already open.


9 thoughts on “Beat the Summer Heat with Halo-halo

  1. OMG! Ang sarap niyan! This is different from the ice cream halo-halo 😀
    Ako, kahit yung halo-halo sa neighbor na tig20 pinapatulan ko 😀

  2. I love this one from Iceberg too kasi wala masyadong beans – i don’t like beans in my halo halo. I love the corn flakes and the creamy, caramelly syrup that’s poured on top.  *sluuuurp* Parang gusto ko mag halo-halo now na, as in now na now!

  3. Hi Belle!

    i’m sure with your kitchen prowess, you’d easily be able to concoct your own halo-halo 🙂 But I hear the weather there is cold. Here, naku, sizzling, scorching summer!

    Take care! And thanks for the visit.

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