Gift idea: Banding with Jelly Bandz

The Jelly Bandz phenomenon is now in the Philippines!

Last week, I received in the mail a package from Jelly Bandz, a fashion craze among kids today. Jelly Bandz, in fact, is listed in Amazon’s Top 10 best-selling toys and games.

My kids eagerly tore up the package and tried some on:

They are cute! And yes, these Jelly Bandz do make great conversation pieces among the kids. My ever-sociable dear V made a new friend at the playground because of her Jelly Bandz. (Well, V always makes new friends nga naman pala, hehe)

As expected, V loved the Jelly Princess collection, while Nate was very amused with the Dinosaur-shaped bands. The themes, such as numbers, animals and fruits, add an educational dimension to the bands.

Oh yeah, Nate, as most of you know, has skin asthma. He would usually get rashes from prolonged skin contact with irritants like rubber. Guess what? His skin had no reaction with Jelly Bandz. It’s probably because the bands use good-quality rubber, which is also the reason why the bands do not easily go out of shape.

Jelly Bandz are a great Christmas gift idea for young kids over 3. At just Php49.00 per pack of 12 bands, these cute and fashionable accessories (either for the wrists or the hair) will be loved by your kids, your nephews and nieces, your friends’ kids and your kids’  friends.

The Jelly Bandz Collection

Check out the other designs at their Multiply site. Jelly Bandz are available at Tod’s Novelty Stores in SM Megamall and SM North Edsa. You may also order through


Our children’s health is one of the most important things for a family. That’s why choosing a Medicare plan or health plan with them in mind is a wise decision to make. I am blessed with fairly healthy kids (save for Nate’s skin asthma). And I admit I haven’t bought them medical insurance yet. Maybe I should consider and save up for it…

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  1. Sabe na I should have bought Peaches those Jelly Bandz eh. I saw those at NBS… hehehhe..thanks for sharing!

    Btw, I added you on my dream roll!

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