Banawe Food Crawl: Fu Chi (Fug Kee) Dumplings

This is yet another post on my family’s Banawe Food Crawl! Fu Chi Dumplings is one of those Banawe Street restaurants that have been around for a while but we just kept passing by – dinadaan-daanan lang. 

(UPDATE: The restaurant has changed its name to Fug Kee)

We noticed one fine day that we were hungry and craving for dumplings, though, that this place was often full. So we got curious.

Fu Chi is a small eatery, and can sometimes get a bit stuffy, especially on a hot day. Most people will probably find the food just average. But if you’re crazy for noodles (like the hub is) or dumplings (like the kids are) or pientong (like I am), this is the place.
fu chi boiled dumplings banawe food crawl

Steamed pork dumplings (P60 for 10 pieces) – my favorite among all dumplings I’ve eaten so far.

Lunch hour crowd is a mix of different people – office people, Banawe folk, couples, amah and angkong, families, Chinoys and Pinoys. Once, hub and I even ran into a cousin’s wife who was buying take-out lunch. Parking is difficult because it’s limited to the slots in front of the eatery. So be there early. Or be ready to park a bit farther and just walk to Fu Chi.

fu chi dumplings pork sparerib noodles banawe food crawl

Pai Kut – Pork sparerib noodles (P120 for regular size; add P30 to double the noodles)

pork chop rice fu chi dumplings banawe food crawl

As usual, mine is Porkchop Pientong (P120) – I find the porkchops too small, though. Pientong includes rice and 2 choices of veggies.

I forgot to get the details of the eatery. I will do so when I eat there again, and update this post. Watch out for other Banawe food crawl features in my blog.

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4 thoughts on “Banawe Food Crawl: Fu Chi (Fug Kee) Dumplings

  1. I really don’t like the management of this resto. Imagine, we arrived there at 7:30 pm and were told that they are closed but there was a sign on their front door saying that they close at 9 pm. Plus, there was a “Pls. come in” sign and no “sorry we’re closed” sign. When I asked them why and I was told that there’s no more soup. Umm, do you only serve soup and there’s no other items on the menu that we can order? I mean I guess there’s no professionalism here. The management is not accommodating and changes the resto rules whenever she feels like it. If she’s in the mood to close early, they’d be no notice on the front door indicating so. Extremely terrible restaurant practice and no professionalism whatsoever.

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