Banana Peel Flip Flops for fashionable feet

I remember buying my first pair of Banana Peel flip flops many years ago at a department store. Back then, Banana Peel was a new brand, with simple designs. What I liked (and made me buy) were the cute prints and vibrant colors that set Banana Peel apart from the rest of the others on the tsinelas rack.

Fast forward to today, Banana Peel is a proud Philippine brand that is quickly capturing the market with its trendy and chic designs. Banana Peel flip flops now has a full line for women, men and kids.

The nice folks at Banana Peel recently sent me a few pairs from their new collection. The kids and I were happy with our new pairs of Banana Peels.

Banana Peel flip flops

This color-blocking pair is V’s. But I was wearing happy-yellow crop pants when I got the package from Banana Peel. So I went ahead and tried them on. So cute, no? And the material looks durable. The sole is on the firm side, and about half an inch thick. Ideal for my rugged walker V. 😀

Banana Peel flip flops color block

This chevron style pair of flip flops is mine. It’s from Banana Peel’s Glitterati Collection. Loving the chevron stripes!

Banana Peel flip flops glitterati

Banana Peel flip flops glitterati 2

Banana Peel flip flops so jeanious

Patch got this denim-bow pair from the So Jeanious Collection.

Banana Peel flip flops play-off collection

Little man Nate also got his pair – cute Champs flip flops from the Play Off Collection. Plus points from Nate – no allergies to the rubber material, yehey! (Banana Peel uses non-toxic paint for all its flip flops too, btw.)

Banana Peel flip flops play off collection 2

Banana Peel also has a line for little girls –  the adorable and uber-cute Tickle My Sole Collection.

Banana Peel flip flops girls collection

Banana Peel flip flops are: Comfortable – check. Durable – check. Affordable – check! Fashionable – check!

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