Bakunado sa Flu – An Awareness Seminar

Last Saturday afternoon, several mommy bloggers and their children gathered at a restaurant in Pasig for a seminar on flu awareness. The event was organized by Nuffnang Philippines and Sanofi-Pasteur. I brought along my 11-year old daughter, iPatch. 

With mommies and kids, from left: JP and her daughter, Julie’s girls Trixie and Tanya, Julie, iMom, Salen, iPatch, LadyCess and Sandra

The seminar, conducted by Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon, was very informative. Here are some flu facts we learned:

  • Flu is the 5th leading cause of morbidity in the Philippines (“morbidity” here means “illness”).
  • About 10% of the global population gets the flu.
  • It usually strikes between June and August.
  • If left untreated, flu can lead to more serious complications such as pneumonia.
  • Flu is highly preventable through good hygiene, a well-balanced diet, and vaccination.
  • Vaccination against flu is a cost-efficient and safe option.
  • The flu vaccine should be administered yearly, and as soon as the new vaccine for the current year becomes available.
  • Vaxigrip(TM) is a brand of flu vaccine that is thiomersal-free. It is safe and proven to be effective in preventing the occurence of flu among those vaccinated.
Top: Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon; Bottom: iPatch trying hard not to cry, hehe
Top -Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon; iPatch trying hard not to cry, hehe


Top: Sanofi-Pasteur Product Manager Bing Sonsona; Bottom: the mommy bloggers with Roanna and Jing of Nuffnang, and the Marketing bosses of Sanofi-Pasteur - Ms. Nida and Ms. Bing.

Have you gotten your flu shot for this year? Go visit your family doctor soon. For more information about flu and flu vaccination, visit


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11 thoughts on “Bakunado sa Flu – An Awareness Seminar

  1. if not for the seminar i wouldn’t have known i needed that vaccine 😉
    pero my favorite part (ala-dora) is the your winning the game! hahaha!

  2. Blooming kayo lahat ha.  I wanted to attend w/ Addie, busy-busy lang the past weeks.  Nagkita sana si P and Addie. 😀
    Ang dalawang preggies umattend pala. 🙂

  3. I am glad I attended not only for the knowledge I have gained but I was so happy to have met you all again. I haven’t posted my entry.. still doing it.
    Have a great week ahead!

  4. Hi Lynn! Yeah, patch was looking forward to seeing Addie. I hope this summer our teens could spend some time together. let’s plan something for them?

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