Bad Poetry, Bed Weather

The sun did not shine,

it was too wet to play… (or go to school.)

But iMom did not sleep

all that cold, wet day.

She woke up at 5am

to listen for school suspension.

But the DepEd officials may have overslept,

and the Mayor must’ve been snoring yet.

So, hesitantly, off to school we went at 6 – my daughters and I,

in our little car through heavy downpour wading.

I kept my radio on, still waiting.

At last the Mayor’s cracked morning voice goes on air,

Alas, his pronouncement: rain does come during rainy season,

but classes in this city shall go on.

Apathy, sarcasm I thought I heard.

We dropped off daughter number 2 in her school,

then made our way to the other school – daughter number 1 and I.

Oh my! My usual route was knee-deep with water,

so off I searched for another.

Finally we managed to get through

the sea of flood waters and of cars.

Hurriedly I kissed daughter number 1 goodbye.

As I drove away, on the radio I heard

a woman’s voice: “All classes are suspended

in grade school and high school levels.”

What the…!!!??? You make the announcement now, shortly before 7???

I wanted to reach through the airwaves

and smack her in the face!

But what was a mother to do?

We went through it all again – my little car and I,

sea of flood waters and of cars,

fetching daughter number 2, and then number 1.


This is a good example of bad poetry inspired induced by the events that transpired as mentioned in the .. uhm.. poem (?? dare I call it as such!). I’m sure thousands of other parents felt the way I did: tired, exasperated, pikon na pikon! What’s worse is that it’s always the same.

Whenever we get heavy rains and floods, but without typhoon signals raised, the people we count on to make crucial decisions for us seem to oversleep. Either that or they simply just can’t make up there minds. Or they do not care at all. In the end, they always make the announcement a minute too late! Why, oh why, is it so difficult for them to make an early announcement? When later, much much later, they would announce class suspension anyway? of course, tonight, I expect to see some finger-pointing in the news. What’s new.

My children are lucky because they have a gorgeous driver and a trusty little car. But what about the other students who literally waded through water to get to school, only to be turned away the moment they get there because, hooray, classes have been suspended, and so they have to wade back home? We deserve better treatment from the people who are supposed to be in public service.

On the other hand, it feels great to snuggle with the PC, sip endless cups of coffee, and catch up on my blogging. 😉


Notes: The radio station I was listening to was DZMM. The mayor I heard on air was Sonny Belmonte of Quezon City. While most other cities in Metro Manila suspended classes for elementary and high school levels, he did not find it necessary to do so in his city.

8 thoughts on “Bad Poetry, Bed Weather

  1. if it’s any consolation, this post is really amusing 🙂

    haha! i agree gorgeous talaga!

    Hi cess! Inaliw ko nalang sarili ko. I had fun blogging this post hehe. Re: gorgeous – tinuloy ko na rin ang sarcastic tone 😛

  2. Hi Chateau,
    I just enjoy your website. I remember being glued to the radio hoping that our school would be on the list for cancellations that day due to the “bagyo”.. I live here in North Carolina and my 3 boys would never never experience that, but we do have hurricanes from time to time, but the closest to a school cancellation for them was a “hurricane watch” so they still had to go to school, ha, ha..

    Hi Judy! Comments like yours make me glow all over. Thank you for reading this blog, i’m flattered and honored. Are you a blogger yourself? Be glad your sons don’t have to go through it – going to school through wind and rain and high waters, tapos wala palang pasok! arrgh..

  3. Hi Chats. I was up early too hoping for classes to be suspended. It was really pouring hard this morning. If it weren’t for Yohan’s scheduled exam, I would have let him skip class today.

    We were on the road when I heard the announcement that classes were suspended in NCR. It took me a second or two to realize I’m not in Manila anymore so we’re not part of NCR. boo hoo! So we still headed for school.

    The announcement came too late. I feel sorry for everyone, including you, who had to go to school for nothing. I agree you’re lucky because you had your own car but there were many students who had to commute through bad weather. Hay naku, bata pa tayo ganyan na sila. Always late. Kelan pa kaya sila magbabago?

    Buti pa kayo no classes tom. Kami here classes as usual. Oh, well…

  4. Rach, my kids had exams scheduled today too, that’s why pinilit ko silang dalhin sa school. ay naku, tama ka, as far as I can remember, ganyan na nga sila!

  5. Isa namang masigabong palakpakan diyan!! Clap clap clap! At isang matinding sampalan para sa mga tamad nating mga opisyal!! Slap slap slap!!

    Hay naku Chats, what else is new? Di talaga sila nagbago…

  6. See, everything has its upside. You were able to write poetry. And it wasn’t so bad. 🙂 Something to vent and blog about.

    Well just charge it … to ‘another grin-and-bear-it day in the life of a mom.”

    The pictures are taking forever to load (the birthday and awarding picture). Sana sa kanilang lahat din. 🙂

  7. Hi Chats, just like you, hinatid ko din my kid to school only to find out suspended na classes. Kawawa talaga yung mga iniwan na ng parents or ng school bus, hintay sila dun, or yung iba nag commute pauwi. Panu sarap ng tulog ni Mayor pati ni DECS Secretary. Di ba nga sabi Ted Failon, buhay pa pala kayo Mayor. Eh yung school admin, di rin maka decide kahit baha na sa paligid. Hubby texted them and told them, mga inutil. he he

    Ay naku, Rowena, I was listening to the radio the whole time on the way to school. Kung kelan nahatid ko na sila, tsaka nag announce. Hay.. Puro pa sila turuan nad palusot. Haller.

  8. hi chats,

    sorry, i have been silent for a while in the blogosphere.

    hindi puwede iyan dito sa states, they will be bombarded with criticisms from angry moms. hope the mayor learned a lesson from all these.

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