Back-up Your Files

Like most people in this almost-paperless age, I keep most of my files in my computer. A huge chunk of my computer memory goes to keeping my most treasured memories a.k.a. zillions of digital photo albums. When I get hold of important documents, I always make a digital copy and store it in my computer just in case the paper copy is stolen or lost.

But what happens when your PC conks, goes haywire, dies out on you? It’s very important to create back-ups. These could be in the form of CD-ROMs, or external computer memory gadgets such as USB flash drives and memory cards. Heed the advise, and you won’t regret it if and when your PC crashes.

4 thoughts on “Back-up Your Files

  1. yup, i just did that this week, got that funny feeling with the computer this week, i have an external hard drive. ..

  2. Hi Mng! What I do now is save my files in drive D. Usually daw, drive C ang nasisira sa virus infection or crashes. Sana tama ang ginagawa ko.

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