Back to Work

I’m so tired…

It was the first full day of school for my two girls. I was up at 5 am to prepare their lunches. (Shall I mention here how hard it was for VGood to swallow a spoon of her breakfast? I leave out the gory details.)

After the kids left with hub, I worked on the meal plan for the whole week. I wanted to blog this morning but my sister dropped by, and we got engrossed talking.

Before we knew it, it was almost twelve noon. I had to rush off to some errands before picking up daughter #2, VGood, from school. She had Chinese tutorials while I waited for Patchy, daughter # 1, to get off from school at 3pm. Her Chinese tutorials don’t start until tomorrow, so today we got home early.

At home, the girls and I went right down to business after they’ve had their snacks. VGood struggled with the first lesson in Reading class. We read the selection over and over and over and over. But she cannot seem to read half of the thing by herself no matter how many times we went through it. Patchy, as well, continued to have difficulty with the multiplication table, which she was supposed to have memorized two years ago. These exasperated i(rate)Mom. Extremely.

Not just another day in the life; it is the first day of school. And we – the kids, I, hub – will have to once again orient ourselves with the daily grind. The transition from carefree summer-mode to serious school-mode is not always easy. So I will do my best to be an understanding mother. And I will also do my best to make it a better school year for all of us.

Under New Management

1. In the past year, I have not been strict with enforcing the no-TV-on-weekdays rule. But I’m bent on enforcing it this time. On the kids and on me (well, at least not until they’re asleep).

2. I will be planning our meals on a weekly basis. Yeah, this is a first! When ate J was with me, I did not have to worry about meals. She knew how to cook, and what. Now that my helpers are new, I will have to plan and supervise all meal preparations, most especially the school lunches. I am actually excited with this particular change as I am discovering so many new recipes. Tonight, I made Cheese and Sausage Meatloaf (watch out for it on the Weekend Cook) that’s going to be school lunch tomorrow. I’ve got more surprises under my sleeves apron. I’m sure the kids (and hub who will also be getting his packed lunch as a spill-over effect) will look forward to their lunches everyday.

3. I will be blogging less. I need more help on this, so I am actually timing myself. An alarm will go off to signal the end of my daily 2 3-hour blogging session. *insert Taps bugle funeral song here* sniff sniff 🙁

4. Yesterday, we started throwing away trash – stuff that have not been used for ages, stuff that will no longer be useful, stuff that I’ve procrastinated parting with. Oh yes, Rach, it is catharsis! And the patio looks so much better uncluttered. I see this as an all-year-round project.

So there, summer is officially over. School is here. Welcome back to work, iMom!

25 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Summer is definitely over! Me likey your UNM rules… especially #2. Yummy! I’m a getting-there cook, trying new recipes are actually fun so I’m doing a lot more of them and it makes for a happier hubby. Your #3 is the pits, haha. Timing na pala! At home, it’s the hubs who gruffs when I go over the time limit we agreed upon. Yes, he thought it necessary to time my internet access (parang bata ano?). He knows I almost always space out when I’m surfing, hahaha!

    Good luck with the serious school-mode transition. If it makes you feel better, it’s only a couple of months more till Chirstmas (oops… I forgot the Christmas rush), ok, summer. 🙂

  2. Good luck to us all 🙂

    I agree with your rules. I’ve been doing the weekly menu planning and it really helps cut on thinking time when cooking time comes up. And when you’re really pooped, even having to think is so difficult to do 🙂

  3. wow that’s a lot of tasks you need to do. well hope you won’t neglect your blog though despite the busy schedule. i sure do look forward to reading them and it has also become one of my routines online – to browse and see what’s going on in your world. do keep me posted. hope you will get the sausages soon and hope they still taste good, most of them are fresh so let me know how they ended up. i’ll email you some ideas what to do with them.

  4. Aaah yes. It has been so long for me but I can still remember and relate.

    I never did meal planning. Is that for their baon?

    Sometimes, when I read you, young moms, I really feel I had been such an inadequate mom to growing children. Ay, di bale, they still love me naman.

    So, thats why you’ve made yourself scarce in online scrabble. 🙁

  5. hi chats,

    back to school daily activities can really be tiring and nakaka stress pa.

    re the chinese lessons, is it required in their school? i also like my kids to learn another language.

    warm regards.

  6. I want Cheese and Sausage Meatloaf!! Yum!

    We are starting to get our little (and not so little) ones ready for school in the fall by giving them daily assignments while we’re at work. The school year starts in late August here. Obviously, getting English comprehension up to speed is priority one. So far, so good…

    Keep working at it VGood & Patchy. You’ll get it!

  7. I am adjusting too. My 11yo daughter didn’t adjust at all. Usually I’m online at night (I’m doing it this morning because it’s my “day-off” from teaching) so I have a hard time waking up earlier than what I was used to last vacation. Matter of fact, a while ago, Trixie woke me up just to ask for lunch money 15 minutes before the service arrived (arrives at 6am). She figured no way to wake me up since I was still fast asleep when she came to our room. She wakes up by herself and more often than not, cooks rice and takes a bath. Then she wakes me to cook her ulam. Today though, I didn’t, hence the lunch money.

    I’m wondering why is the multiplication table the first agenda with Patchy? What is her grade level?

  8. Hi friends! Wow, I did not open my PC the whole day yesterday. And it had difficulty starting up this morning LOL Nanibago or nagtampo sa akin??? haha

    May, ikaw din pala inoorasan ang internet time. Good luck with your cooking career haha.

  9. kongkong, yup, the reason why I do meal planning now is I don’t want to have to think about it when I get home in the evening… Or worse, to get home and find out wala pang dinner! Dati with old-reliable Ate J, hindi ko problem to.

  10. Annamanila, yes the meal planning is mostly for the baon, and also to save myself from thinking impromptu (LOL) and to save my family from starving during dinner! (see comment for kongkong).
    Well, as I said, the meal planning thingie is a first for me, haha.
    I’m sure you did a great job with all your kids, anna!
    I miss scrabble too.. hay.. Wish I’d have time soon to drop by again your office and pester you all afternoon LOL
    BTW, I am working on your Qs ha. Baon ko nga sila at “work” 🙂

  11. Hi Rowena! yes, the chinese lessons are mandatory in their school and at home LOL. I hope you’re coping well with the back-to-school blues as well 🙂

  12. Hey Ethan!
    You’ve got all summer to prepare the kids… At least they’re kept busy while you and the Cat are away.
    Hmmm… Will post the recipe for the meatloaf soon. But i’m sure grandma and the Cat can do ti so much better!
    Hugs to Cat and the kittens!

  13. Hi Julie!
    Big girl na si Trixie. My girls are like that too- they get up and get ready by themselves na.
    it’s really hard to wake up early no? I forgot to mention pala that I co-sleep with Nate, so there’d be waking moments scattered through the night. *sigh*
    Motherhood is a joy, but it can also be tiring. *sigh again*

  14. Hi Toni!
    I finally got the sausages the other night! Wow, galore-ous, ang dami! Thank you, thank you! The sausage I put in the meatloaf was from Dav, it was quite spicy. So ayan, with your saugsages i have lots of choices for the next meatloaf experiment LOL.
    Oh got the seeds too… Will plant them and plan an herb garden as soon as sked permits..

  15. BTW, Julie, the multiplication lessons are “advance” lessons. It is always her struggle, and multiplication and division are in the 1st qtr lesson guide, so i thought i’d give her a headstart. She’s in Grade 3.

  16. Welcome back to “reality” 😛

    That’s actually a good tip to time your blogging activity. I think I will pick that up & run with it, too.

  17. i still have growing kids (10, 14, 16), the others are young growing (17, 19, 23, 27), but i do not remember having trouble with sitting with them for lessons. ah, i remember, i almost did not sit with them for their lessons. like anna, i now ask myself, have i or am i amiss? i see lots of young mothers putting a lot of efforts on this matter, while i just let them on their own. anyway, there is no alarm as yet for me–they are all doing well with their academics and extra-curricular activities. maybe, just maybe, if i exerted some effort, they would be doing much better.

  18. Hi Chats. I see we’re in the same boat now that school has started. It’s been two weeks already and I’m happy to say that I’m adjusting well to the early morning routine of helping Yohan get ready for school, riding with him in the service and waiting for his class to finish.

    I’ve been blogging less too. I’m just glad the weekend is here so I can visit my favorite blogs. I have a lot of catching up to do and looking forward to it.

    I’m glad you also found it therapeutic to get rid of unwanted stuff in the house. I should schedule a part II.

  19. i can never keep up a menu. i always change my mind at the end of the day or while I’m cooking..:)

    i hear you on getting frustrated. those homeworks can be such a pain.

  20. Imom is supermom! You can’t possibly be blogging less! Being childless and in the hospitality business, this is actually my vacation time when I can do a lot of blog hopping. Haven’t been able to visit you for the past weeks not because I was too busy but because this Smart Broadband signal sucks. How’s your PLDT DSL doing?

    Hi Lisa! I believe hub’s PLDT DSL is okay. Although his connection doesn’t get challenged much since all he really does is send/receive emails LOL… I’m using MyDestiny cable internet and quite happy with it. Too bad it’s not available in Baguio.

  21. I was looking at your #2 coz I’m planning to do that too. I believe though you will be my reference on some of these “concoctions”. Looking forward to more of your Weekend Cook. 🙂

    Hi Lynn! Sige, let’s share our kitchen experiments. hehe It’s so much easier to have a meal plan para wala nang matagal na esep-esep, at para hindi na rin tanong ng tanong si helper!

  22. chats, i can tell your hands are full. hope you find time for yourself, too.

    when kids were little, i usually thought of what i was going to cook at work and then i would stop by at the grocery store. ahhh…those were the days. things are better now.

    by the way, do you put a little note in their lunch box? kids love it!

    Hi belle! I used to do the lunch-box notes during Patchy’s early years in school. Thanks for reminding me. Will sneak those into the lunch boxes tomorrow! 🙂

  23. take it easy with the mommy chores Chats. do not burn out yourself OK. (yay, i have to the same for myself too)

    hi feng! Naku, you also take it easy. I read in your blog the next few weeks are going to be hectic. Good luck!

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