Back to School

School started this week for my girls iPatch and VGood. It wasn’t a very eventful start. Well, VGood broke 2 pencils (in half! I don’t know how and why she did it. Maybe she was feeling restless during class) and lost 1 whole pad of paper on the first three days.

Other than those, it was a good start for both…

They still find it a bit hard to wake up at 5:30 every morning. Thanks to the really loud alarm clock that technohub bought on Father’s Day, the task of waking them up has become easier.

Ugh, breakfast is a struggle for VGood. I understand her, actually. Feed me something, anything ,at 6 in the morning, and I probably won’t have the appetite too. I coax her to eat, so she has energy for the day. But sometimes the coaxing becomes a bit impatient. And loud… Ah, back to school blues, the neighbor probably thinks.

Despite the difficulties in waking and feeding, we have not been late yet. We were almost, on Tuesday, when the trusty old car overheated. Thanks to hub, who forgot that an old car needs to be hydrated every week! Luckily, there were residents along the road who helped get some water.

The two girls already started Chinese tutorials after classes. So we now usually get home past 6 PM. Poor MagNate, who is left at home by himself. With all the time the three kids spent together during summer, I’m sure he misses his sisters. As a matter of fact, after the girls have left for school, Nate would do the house rounds, calling out his sisters’ names.

“Diiiin? Meeei? Wala???” (His face is on the verge of crying… he tries to hold it. Then he breaks into tears when he realizes his sisters aren’t coming out of hiding. Wawa! 🙁 )

As for me, I’m back to planning the school baons, braving the Metro traffic jams, and tutoring after we get home. I’m thankful that iPatch’s study habits are very good – she now studies by herself. No need for me to be hovering around her; she knows her task and goes right into it after dinner.

Now I have all the time to devote to VGood. OMG. I’m sure it’s going to be a riot, studying Filipino and Sibika with her. I don’t know if I can handle it. Why, oh, why do schools have to make it so difficult for kids??? *sigh*

I’m on back-to-school mode. But this too shall pass.

4 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. oh my the kids are up from 5:30 am and would come home at 6 pm. plus homework pa? that’s a lot and they are still in primary school.. wow, saludo ako….

  2. That’s how difficult schooling has become for kids today, at least in the Philippines… It’s not fun anymore, like it used to be for us. Kawawa talaga sila. So young and yet so stressed.

  3. Kawawa mga kids. I see those who pass by our place going to school that starts at 6am, me public HS kasi medyo malapit sa amin.

    What time do you sleep? I mean the kids?

  4. Hi Chats, back to school na talaga, kaya traffic na uli. Hay, kapagod noh. Stressed out na naman tayong mommies. Good thing VGood studies na her lessons by herself, si Gabbie and Pio kelangan pang kulitin. Grabe time nila, 7:30-2:00. Kawawa mga bata, di na nag eenjoy sa school.

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