Atopic dermatitis update: flare alert!

Nate has skin asthma (atopic dermatitis) – he’s had the condition since he was a baby. But his allergy episodes seem to have gotten worse at the start of this year, and then after typhoon Ondoy struck.

It must be the air. You know, how there are more allergens (molds, mildew) in the air when it’s rainy, damp or cold.

We have taken out eggs, fish, chicken, chocolates, cheese, nuts and processed food such as hotdogs and chips from his diet. Recently, I have been minimizing his intake of cookies and crackers that may have wheat (a possible allergen) and preservatives. (WOW! It’s a wonder that he is big and heavy despite all the restrictions!)

Nate is also on maintenance meds – montelukast 4mg tab, and desloratadine 5ml every single day!

But he still gets these rashes. He has had severe episodes several times since the rainy season began in early June. Unfortunately for Nate, this year’s rainy season has extended well into the current month. 🙁

Severe as in weeping lesions on the scalp and dry, itchy skin all over the body. It really is so frustrating when I see him scratching all over, and I can only offer an extra pair of hands to help him.

Anyway, we’ve been seeing a new allergologist. She seems to be managing Nate well. We went on our second visit today. Last week, on our first visit, Nate had an active allergy episode, so she prescribed meds and gave specific skin care instructions.

I am happy that the episode is resolving. Today, the doctor noted remarkable improvement of his skin – smoother and more hydrated than last week.

And here is better news: we got the green light to re-introduce freshwater fish, egg yolks and white chicken meat! *wooohooo*

Of course I will be doing this gradually – one type of food at a time; observe for 3 days; if no flare-up, proceed to next food item.

I am so glad things are looking better, and I found a doctor who is working with me and Nate to manage his atopic dermatitis.

Let’s see in a couple of weeks when we go back for another follow-up with the doc. I hope by then, I would have successfully re-introduced fish, chicken and egg yolks to Nate. Wish us luck! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Atopic dermatitis update: flare alert!

  1. My son is also on Montelukast for 3 months. That’s because his cough won’t go away despite the different cough medications he’s already taken. His lungs are clear; doctor says it’s allergy, too.

  2. Awww… wawa naman si cutie Magnate. I never thought skin asthma can be that severe. Hirap pa naman ng maraming bawal na food especially to a child.

  3. Hi Tetcha! I hope your son doesn’t develop asthma. Montelukast is given as prevention. Nate has been on it for over a year. Haay…

  4. Hi Mauie! His skin asthma gets severe during episodes. One time he was able to sneak into a doughnut. Naku, ayun, breakout all over, even his face. And the lesions were like chicken pox. I saw how scared his young cousins were of how he looked. 🙁

    I hope he outgrows it. When he starts going to school next year, it might be an issue if he gets an episode.

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